4 Tips to Master Brand Storytelling

Story Telling Tips in San Diego, CA

You’ve heard a thousand times how important brand storytelling is to your online marketing strategy, but it can be hard to untangle what that means if you aren’t a natural born storyteller. So, how do you successfully tell your brand’s story?

1. Be True

First and foremost, whatever you do, be honest. Making truth a pillar of your content will help your brand appear genuine, and no one likes to discover they’ve been lied to. When creating content, use real people, real customers, real situations, and real facts that will connect with the people reading or watching.

2. Be Human

Sure, behind the content is a company, but your content should focus on how your product or service impacts the lives of living, breathing people. Even if you sell to other companies, highlight how your product adds value to the customer’s life. You’ve probably heard things about “humanizing” a brand, especially when it comes to social media marketing. That word isn’t going away anytime soon, so it’s time to figure out what makes your business relatable to real people.

3. Be Original

This day and age, it’s hard to come up with real unique content and there is a solid change you’re discussing something that’s been talked about many times over. So your job is to find a fresh angle. What’s unique about your company? If it isn’t the product itself, what’s something unique about the company? Why is your product and company important? What makes your solution the better choice on the market?

4. Remember the Customer

At the foundation of all content is the customer. Everything you do is to connect with the customer in a way that makes them want to use your product. Your content should never be a pat on your own back. The reader doesn’t care about how many big words you know or how much you sold. They care about how this product helps them solve a problem or improve their perceived quality of life.

Mastering brand storytelling is no easy feat, and not one all companies are equipped to handle on their own. At Saba SEO in San Diego, we take a content is king approach to online marketing, priding ourselves in our ability to understand the client’s brand and create unique, approachable content that connects with the target audience. To learn more about our content and SEO services in San Diego, call our office at (858) 277-1717 today.