5 Tips to Help You Write Awesome Web Copy

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Think about the average online customer. He or she is probably too distracted and pressed for time to read the 2000-word text you wrote for a brochure that is waxing eloquent about the miracle anti-aging cream your company has just formulated. To really get through to your customers and use online marketing to sell to them, you need to write web copy, keeping online culture and the psychology of the online customer in mind. Here are 5 proven tips to writing great web copy.

1. Get into Your Customer’s Skin

Go beyond demographics for a while and think about what it is your ideal customer wants. If you are selling anti-aging cream, your customer is likely a woman who wants to retain her looks and needs a product that fights wrinkles, irons out crow’s feet, and lifts sagging skin better than her current product. Write your copy in a way that appeals to her.

2. Plan Your Copy

Make a list of all the problems your product solves, then list all of its benefits and come up with a comprehensive list of objections potential customers might have. Use technical words in your copy because it lends authenticity and credibility to your product, and by all means, if your anti-aging cream contains Retinol and mineral water from a spring in Europe, make sure to mention it. However, if you explain how the Retinol will fight wrinkles while the customer sleeps and how the nutrition-rich mineral water will add glow to her skin and plump it up, it gives your copy an extra punch.

3. Repeat the Call to Action

Place frequent calls to action throughout the copy on your website. Ask for the customers to buy, but avoid putting them off by pushing your product too much. Understand and respect that readers may not be ready to buy right this second, so invite them to “find out more” about the product or “visit our online store” and redirect them to other pages on your website.

4. Keep It Short

Before you start writing copy, think about the content, then break it up and spread it around the website. Though 500 words on a piece of paper may not seem like much, online it is a completely different story. People are often distracted, too pressed for time, and there is usually too much information to absorb the moment they go online. Keep your copy short and sweet and spread your call to action around the website and embed frequent invites to navigate the site. Have links to your contact information on every page.

5. Tell a Story

Customers love hearing a good story. For instance, if you have a compelling story to tell about how your anti-aging cream was tested on a group of women in their 50s who started looking well rested after a week of use, and the women in the control group who used anti-gravity planks didn’t, make sure you tell it.

If you follow the above tips from Saba SEO, a trusted SEO agency in San Diego, you will be writing better web copy in no time. The bottom line for creating web copy is that it needs to be engaging and, most importantly, effective. You can get creative to hold your customers’ attention, but if they do not pull out their wallets to pay, the point of writing the copy is lost, so never lose sight of why you are writing the copy.