How to Maximize Trade Show ROI

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Trade shows can be a great way to connect with an audience likely to be receptive to what you have to offer. While participating in and preparing for trade shows requires an investment on your part, such events can bring in more than enough profit to justify the effort. Taking the right steps ahead of time can help maximize your ROI.

1. Choose the Right Location

Just because a trade show fits within your industry doesn’t mean it’s the right show for you. Do some research and only participate in trade shows likely to have enough targeted prospects present to make it worth your time and money.

2. Establish Your Goals

Are you looking for potential business partners, or is your primary goal to generate sales? After selecting a show, outline your objectives for what you hope to accomplish with your participation so you’ll have realistic expectations ahead of time.

3. Determine How You Will Participate

Once you know your objectives, consider the best way to achieve those goals at a trade show. Booths are great for showcasing new products and technology. However, a sponsorship can increase brand visibility and speaking can highlight your industry knowledge.

4. Coordinate Schedules

Make sure everyone is on the same page with schedules when it comes to who will be manning the booth, roaming the floor, speaking, or participating in meetings. A spreadsheet of assignments can help with coordination.

5. Have a Media Plan

Reach out to reporters covering news and events, like trade shows, within your industry. If possible, focus on something particularly newsworthy about your company that somehow relates to current industry trends.

6. Promote It

Promote your trade show participation. Generating attention via your website, blog or various social media platforms is a great way to boost attendance.

Don’t forget to follow up with any connections you make at the show. Finally, maintain your energy with nutritious meals or snacks throughout the event.

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