Recent Developments in Content Marketing that Can Affect SEO

Content Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your SEO in San Diego, CA

Content creation has always been an important part of digital marketing, and it probably always will be. Trends change over time, though, so a good content marketing strategy is constantly evolving. Here are some current trends that can impact your SEO, brought to you by the experts from Saba SEO, one of the most innovative marketing companies in San Diego.

Voice Search

Smartphones are becoming better listeners, and smart home devices are rapidly rising in popularity. More people than ever are using voice search, which tends to be very different than text search. Voice search usually uses full sentences and natural language, while text search uses concise keywords and phrases. To boost your search rankings, focus on content that uses specific long-tail keywords that are likely to appear in voice search queries.

Personalized Content

With so much content available on the Web, brands need to stand out from their competitors and establish a personal connection with their audience. Consumers prefer to feel like they’re being directly addressed, so they’re more likely to engage with personalized content. This is especially important for email marketing. You can segment your email list into different demographics to deliver more relevant personalized newsletters to each customer.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing becomes more powerful every year. People trust recommendations from individuals, especially people they recognize and respect. Influencers can create high-quality original content across multiple social media platforms, which can massively expand your audience. In many cases, one partnership with an influencer can lead to a long-lasting relationship that continues to benefit your business.

Video Marketing

The vast majority of online marketing experts use video content. Videos are entertaining, engaging, and informative, and YouTube is an excellent platform for expanding your audience. This type of content is especially valuable if you sell products you can demonstrate in videos. Consumers are much more likely to purchase a product if they can see it in action first.

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