The Science behind Creating Content that Goes Viral

The Science behind Creating Content that Goes Viral in San Diego, CA

Going viral isn’t just a goal for the Zoom generation or millennials. It can also be an effective way to generate some buzz fairly quickly in a way that’s good for your brand, business, or organization. To reap these potential rewards and boost your odds of going viral, it’s important to have a better understanding of the science of virality. The digital marketing professionals from Saba SEO, one of the most innovative San Diego marketing companies, explain how this concept works.

Sparking Conversations

In a broad sense, viral content is what sparks conversations. In the online world, “conversations” typically involve:

• The creation of new content based on the viral content (e.g., response videos, related blogs or social media posts, etc.)
• Getting people talking in a way that generates free publicity
• Commenting on specific content (e.g., a boost in social media conversations)
• Viewing and sharing

As for how to spark conversations, many companies and organizations use promotions to accomplish this goal. For instance, in 2014, one Seattle furniture store offered to give customers refunds on furniture purchased during the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl if the Seahawks won. The team did win, and the company had to dish out several million dollars in refunds. While this may not seem like a win-win, the company did generate a lot of publicity, which likely helped them recoup much of their losses and gain new business.

Using Triggers

Going viral is also about triggering ideas that generate interest in a particular product, service, or business. For example, a popular candy company linked its chocolate bars to drinking coffee. The result? Sales increased as coffee drinkers realized they could have a tasty piece of chocolate with their java.

Playing on Emotions

Lastly, emotions can play a role in going viral as well. A perfect example is the “ice bucket challenge,” an emotion-based promotion that raised awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease. After going viral on social media, the challenge also helped raise millions of dollars for related organizations, including the ALS Association.

It’s not easy to create viral content. That said, it’s certainly worth the effort if you prefer to aim for a marketing tactic with the potential to generate a lot of attention fairly quickly. Any successful viral campaign starts with that one great idea. It then needs to be promoted with content that makes that idea one that other people can get on board with in one way or another.

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