How to Use Video to Promote Your Business

Video Marketing for Businesses in San Diego, CA

San Diego internet marketing professionals recently learned that roughly 80 percent of internet users say they remember video ads better than those with mostly text. Therefore, it only stands to reason that relevant videos can help promote your business online. As the prevalence of such visual content continues, however, it’s worth considering creative ways to achieve this goal.

Offer a Virtual Tour of Your Business

People like to get an inside look at behind-the-scenes happenings. A virtual tour of your business that includes introductions of key personnel shows the human side of your business. Such a video can also be used to spice up your “About Us” page.

Pose Questions and Solicit Video Answers

Post a video question that’s somehow related to your business. If you’re in the process of developing a new product, for instance, solicit suggestions about preferred colors and design features. The response videos can easily be peppered through your social media to spur conversations and generate buzz about your brand.

Show How to Do Something

“How-to” videos can do wonders for your brand and increase your reputation as a reliable source of information. If you sell draperies, for instance, you might show how the right curtains can make a smaller room look bigger.

Encourage Video Testimonials

An effective way to promote your business is with video testimonials since people tend to trust the word of other customers. The clips can be edited for use on your website or posted to your various social media platforms.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Take time to produce or collect enough video content to keep your YouTube channel engaging. Divide everything into convenient sections and archive older videos for easier browsing. After you’ve done that, encourage visitors to your website or social platforms to become subscribers. Send emails or post messages to announce the addition of new videos to further encourage visitors.

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