Simple Video Marketing Strategies

Tips for Video Marketing in San Diego, CA

Roughly 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic will soon involve video content, 55 percent of online users watch videos every day, and a Facebook executive predicts that the popular social platform will be all video within five years. These stats suggest just how powerful video is today and why it’s not an aspect of marketing you should ignore. Whether you’re creating videos on your own or outsourcing the task to a reputed San Diego internet marketing agency, consider the following suggestions on video marketing.

Know What Type of Video You Want to Present

For marketing purposes, there are several types of videos you can produce. With demo videos, you demonstrate how a product works. A good example is unboxing videos that show either a customer or employee taking a product out of the box and getting it ready to use.

Brand videos create awareness of your business by detailing things like your company’s vision or the types of products and services you provide. Event videos allow you to present highlights from recent company-related events (e.g. conferences, fundraisers, sponsorships, store openings). Other types of videos include:

  • Expert interviews with influential people within your industry
  • How-to/educational videos
  • Explainer videos that solve your customer’s fictionalized problem with your products or services
  • Animated videos
  • Testimonial videos featuring satisfied customers
  • Live video
  • Virtual reality/360-degree videos that allow the scene to be viewed from every angle

Have a Plan Before You Make Your Video

Who is your target audience? What is your goal with a particular video? What’s your available budget? These are the questions that should be answered before you start producing video content. Also, know your basic requirements. Keep in mind that not all videos need to be complicated or elaborate to be effective. In some cases, all you’ll need is an appropriate setting and some video editing software.

Script Your Video

Certain types of videos, like customer testimonials, don’t need to be scripted. In fact, some powerful videos capture completely unexpected moments very effectively. However, most videos for marketing purposes need to have some type of script. When you do use a script, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Start with a basic outline
  • Match your audio with your planned visuals
  • Clearly state the purpose of the video
  • Do a table read to get the timing right for your video.

Choose Your Preferred Camera

The type of camera you use will depend on the purpose of your video. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s entirely possible to use a smartphone camera to make a high-quality video. Other times, it makes more sense to invest in high-quality equipment. Another option is to hire a professional videographer.

Pay Attention to the Audio and Lighting

There’s no point in presenting a well-scripted video with effective visuals if it’s difficult to hear or see it. It may be tempting to just use your phone’s mic, but don’t. You could end up out of range or pick up background audio you don’t want in your video. Instead, use separate audio equipment to ensure you’re capturing sound the right way.

Consider using three-point lighting, which means setting things up so you’re capturing the subject in the best light and softening shadows. If you get the key light set up correctly, it should be able to serve as your only light.

Shoot Extra Footage

Shoot some extra video footage so it’s easier to put things together during the editing process. It’s easier to get rid of extra footage you don’t need than it is to do a reshoot because you need more video. With scripted videos, it can be helpful to do multiple takes with slight variations so you’ll have more choices during the editing process.

Determine How to Distribute and Use Your Videos

After you’ve done your editing and recorded any necessary voiceovers, determine where you want to present your video content. For instance, you might want to place it on visual social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, or Pinterest. Also, determine how you want to use your videos. For example, you can use a great brand introduction video on your website’s homepage to attract customers at the beginning of the buying process.

As should be the case with any type of content you present online, videos used for marketing purposes need to have a clear, concise message to be effective. The content should also be in line with the general tone and message associated with your brand. Lastly, your target audience needs to be kept in mind if you want to produce video content that helps you achieve your marketing goals.

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