How You Can Boost SEO with PDFs

Can You Boost SEO with PDFs in San Diego, CA

Does your content include PDFs? Preparing PDF files to be SEO friendly takes a small bit of effort. PDF files include e-books, white papers, diagrams, photo-intensive documents, and very long documents. Often, site owners don’t believe Google bots scan PDF files for SEO ranking. However, they’ve been doing so for nearly a decade. The experts from Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego, offer a few easy tips for making PDFs SEO friendly. 

Create a Keyword-Friendly Title

A short title with 50–60 characters is ideal. Putting your main keyword toward the beginning is also preferred. Always use lowercase words for your title tags, and these words should be separated by hyphens.

Use Subheadings with Keywords

Your subheadings should include your keywords. The keywords and text below the subheading should relate to the subheading. All of these small details add up to good SEO.

Always Tag Photos

Tag photos with accurate keywords. This helps Google determine the authority of your material.

Include Links

Just as you’d have a lot of strong internal linking in your regular content, you need high-quality links in your PDF content. The link needs to relate to the PDF content. Don’t forget to link from your site to your PDF.

Make Sure the PDF Is Mobile Friendly

Not everyone who reads your PDF will be on a desktop. Make sure your PDF is mobile friendly. Use bold bullet or numbered lists for easy-to-read, organized text. Subheadings are one of your most important mobile-friendly tools.

Keep Your Sentences & Paragraphs Short

Everything you do to keep your site easy to read will help your SEO rank.

Test Your Site

Test your site to make sure you can highlight your text. Anything that can be highlighted can be crawled by Google’s bots.

Optimize Title Tags

Go into the Adobe Acrobat Description page of your PDF. There, you can include 55–70 characters, such as your keywords, branded keywords, and anything that will help Google categorize your PDF. 

If you need help boosting the impact of your SEO strategy, call on the experienced professionals at Saba SEO, the experts on SEO San Diego companies trust for outstanding industry knowledge and high-quality service delivered with integrity. Give one of our SEO specialists a call today at 858-277-1717.