Understanding and Using Intent Keywords

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Action terms like “buy” and “purchase” used by searchers when they’re ready to make a purchase are referred to as intent keywords. Effectively using intent keywords, which differ from high-traffic keywords in that their sole purpose is to convince someone to take action, as part of your search engine marketing efforts can boost your odds of sealing the deal.

Selecting the Right Intent Keywords

What action do you ultimately want someone visiting your site to take? For instance, charities may use terms like “donate” and “cure” to solicit an action. Retailers use words like “buy now” and related terms like “free shipping” to further encourage a purchase. Words like “review” and “compare,” while not as strong, can still attract buyers who need a nudge to make a decision.

Tools to Identify Intent Keywords

The Keyword Planner tool on Google AdWords can help you identify less competitive terms that can signify intent. WordStream Advisor comes in handy if you’re interested in intent keywords that indicate a more immediate decision is needed.

Intent Keywords and Other Buying Signals

Increase the effectiveness of your keywords by incorporating those terms with other buying signals, or the clues someone gives when they’re ready to make a decision. Intent keywords are often combined with:

• Price keyword phrases: Terms like “costs” and “prices” target purchasers looking for the best price before they buy.

• Urgency keyword phrases: Words like “emergency” and “24-hour” catch the attention of someone needing urgent service.

• Comparison keyword phrases: Terms like “compare” and “versus” invite a comparison before someone makes a purchase.

Using intent keywords will allow you to focus more on generating productive leads. Such terms can easily be combined with local keywords to further target your intended purchaser. As with any keywords you use, monitor results and fine-tune your selection of terms based on what’s eliciting the desired actions.

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