Typical Responsibilities of an SEO Manager

Responsibilities of an SEO Manager in San Diego, CA

There are more than a billion websites in existence today. This doesn’t include all the off-page content such as social media posts, blogs, and paid ads, so it can be an absolutely daunting task for anybody running a business to take care of all the responsibilities related to search engine optimization. Enter the SEO manager. Below, the SEO specialists from Saba SEO, one of the leading San Diego marketing companies, go over just what this person does.

Website Optimization

One of the first things an SEO manager does is check to see how an existing website is optimized. This typically involves looking at various aspects of the site, including:

• Site structure and other technical aspects of SEO
• Navigation and other factors that can affect user experience
• Content and how it’s presented on the site
• Keyword usage

Off-Page Optimization

An SEO manager also pays attention to the things that take place outside a website that can affect how people find it and how much traffic it gets. Tasks of this nature typically involve:

• Putting together a backlink strategy
• Managing social and blog content, including guest posts
• Optimizing for local search (e.g., making the Google My Business page SEO friendly, fine-tuning local directory info, etc.)
• Managing and checking online reviews

Building & Maintaining a Client-Focused Strategy

Another very important thing an SEO manager does is help each client put together a customized SEO strategy. It’s usually one based on specific goals and budget limitations that need to be kept in mind. Fortunately, a well-developed and properly executed SEO strategy centered around specific goals can have a significant ROI.

An SEO manager also shows clients proof of results, often in the form of regular reports and updates that highlight things such as website traffic patterns, conversions, and other key metrics. Also, SEO is always evolving, and a good SEO manager stays on top of trends and technology so appropriate adjustments can be made to strategies, content, and techniques over time.

If you need a focused and effective SEO strategy for your business, turn to Saba SEO. As one of the leading San Diego SEO service providers for more than fifteen years, our team has designed focused and results-oriented SEO strategies for businesses all over the globe. With our help, you can boost your search engine ranking, increase your online revenue, and build a strong brand image. To schedule an appointment with one of our SEO managers, give us a call today.