A Quick Review of Google Analytics’ New Question Feature

New Google Analytics Features in San Diego, CA

In 2016, Google announced their plan to enable users to ask plain language questions in Google Analytics. This plan allows people to get important information about their businesses or organizations without needing specialized knowledge in Google Analytics. With more people able to access and understand Google Analytics, data analysts will have more time to focus on strategizing. Here’s a quick review of Google Analytics’ new question feature, brought to you by San Diego SEO optimization experts.

Analytics Intelligence

The new question feature is an expansion of the automated insights system that was added to the Google Analytics app last year. Both features are part of Analytics Intelligence, a set of tools that help users navigate and understand their analytics. The automated insights remember the data the user has searched for or engaged with in the past. This allows the tool to present more relevant and useful information every time the user logs in.

Nearly 20 percent of Google Analytics app users use the automated insights feature monthly. The ability to use plain speech in Google Analytics will make it even easier for people to receive analytics information.

How to Use the Feature

In the mobile app, you can access Analytics Intelligence by tapping the circular icon in the right corner. The feature has recently been added to the desktop version as well. After clicking the Intelligence icon, users can see their automated insights and type plain language questions into the search box.

Types of Questions

The system mostly supports “what” and “how many” questions. After your initial question, you can also ask follow-up questions for more detailed information. The system is new, so it doesn’t yet support “why” questions. However, it will learn over time and eventually be able to answer those questions. You can currently only ask questions in English, but Google will add other languages to the system in the future.

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