When is the Best Time to Post Content?

The Best Times to Post SEO Content

For most online marketers, it’s a given that certain types of websites will receive varying amounts of traffic depending on the target audience and the time of day. However, not everyone knows just what time is best for their marketing goals. For your content to have the most impact and draw visitors to your site, you should have a strategy concerning when you will create new posts.


Generally, people are in better moods and more receptive to information during the hours immediately after they wake up. You can take advantage of this by posting content to your website or blog between 5am and 10am. It may be difficult for you to find time to post content during these hours, so you might consider getting in the habit of writing content in advance and scheduling it for the morning.

Early Evening

When people are at home after a day of work, they are likely to check out social media, blogs, and search about topics of interest. Immediately before this time, post quality content to take advantage of the increased web traffic in the early evenings. It’s also a good idea to share your content on all social media platforms during this time.

Late Evening

After household chores are completed and dinner is over, people tend to check their phones, browse social media, or peruse the internet for a short while before bed. This period is a good opportunity for you to get some views before the day ends, but because this window of opportunity is much smaller than other high-traffic times, you should avoid posting substantial articles and content of great importance.

Fridays and Weekends

By publishing and sharing your posts on Saturdays and Sundays, your readers will have more time to engage your content. On weekends, people tend to leave more comments and share content that they believe is interesting or useful. Facebook sharing is also at its highest during weekends. On Fridays, people tend to be more engaged with Twitter. Posting during this time will increase the impact of your posts and your readership overtime.

When to Avoid Posting Content

Between 10am and 4pm, many people are at work and do not have the time or resources to view content. Be sure to avoid posting any interesting or relevant content during this period. Instead, use this as an opportunity to write articles for later, work on SEO for your website, or think of new content ideas.

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