5 Things that Make Digital Marketing Likely to Succeed if a Recession Happens

Reasons Why Digital Marketing Will Thrive in the Recession in San Diego, CA

The events of the past few years have created the possibility of a recession. What does this mean for your business and digital marketing strategy? The experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading San Diego marketing companies, offer these five reasons digital marketing will thrive if a recession occurs.

1. Economical

Unlike PPC or banner ads, SEO is the most economical way to market your company. You can be a small business or a large business. Keeping up with SEO will continue to allow you to economically promote your brand via high-quality content and social media.

2. Good Conversion Rate

If you’re following best SEO practices, your odds of converting a user from a viewer to a customer are high. That’s because your digital marketing know-how includes focusing on user experience. Your site is free of grammatical errors and bad spelling, and it’s fast. That UX makes it easy for customers to find your products, and your site is easy enough to navigate to find the shopping cart. Also, you’ve upgraded your site to secure HTTPS.

3. Mobile-Friendliness

Over half of all mobile users make purchases on their devices. Upgrading your site to responsive design will make that UX ideal for customers who are shopping on your site. Digitally marketing to voice searchers through mobile will also enhance your online visibility.

4. Local Business

Close to 60 percent of all mobile searches are local searches. As a digital marketer, you can continue to shine in those searches. This means your site has a completed Google My Business page set up for each of your locations. You’ve created content with keywords that target the community as well as adjacent communities your business serves.

5. Social Marketing

SEO is free, as is social media. Creating community via social media is a way to help your business thrive through a recession and beyond. Customers want to support businesses that align with their own values. Using digital marketing to foster community helps you build that sort of trust.

If you need help optimizing your digital marketing efforts during challenging economic times, turn to Saba SEO. Our experts can help you develop a marketing strategy for your business that’s sure to boost your online presence. For 20 years, we’ve helped organizations all over the world increase their search engine rankings and develop strong brand images. We also offer industry-leading social media management, PPC, web development, and specialized expertise in SEO San Diego businesses can rely on. Reach out to one of our digital marketing experts today.