Why Your AdWords Campaigns Aren’t Working

Why Are Your AdWords Campaigns Failing? San Diego, CA

Investing in AdWords is an effective way to quickly get your ads in front of searchers likely to be interested in what you have to offer. The top paid ad spots generate approximately 40 percent of all clicks on the displayed results page, which usually translates into a lot of clicks, reliable leads, and conversions. However, if you’re not seeing the expected results with your AdWords efforts, there may be something wrong. Experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego PPC management company, discuss a few reasons your AdWords campaigns are not working.

Your Audience Doesn’t Know You

One of the biggest reasons paid campaigns fail is because the audience isn’t familiar with the brand, products, or services being offered. Ads are more likely to be effective if you also take other steps to gain some recognition for your brand, especially if you’re a startup business. Increasing brand awareness typically involves:

  • Using organic SEO tactics to boost your online visibility
  • Presenting other forms of relevant and engaging content online beyond your ads and website (e.g. social media and blog posts)
  • Employing PR tactics to get some publicity for your brand
  • Exploring sponsorships
  • Promoting your live events online to generate interest
  • Offline advertising for the purpose of brand awareness

You Don’t Understand Keyword Terms

If you’re unclear about things like “exact match” and “broad match,” you may end up getting clicks that don’t convert because you’re not targeting the right searchers. With exact keyword matches, your ad will only be shown when users type in your keywords as intended. With broad keyword matches, your ad will show up in results that include similar phrases, spelling variations of your keywords, singular and plural versions, and related searches.

You’re Not Checking Your Search Term Report

Regularly review Google’s Search Term Report because it will show you what people are typing online to find your business. You can then use this info to determine how to use your keywords more effectively.

You’re Sending Traffic to Your Homepage

Regardless of how amazing your homepage is, it’s not where you should send your AdWords clicks. The purpose of your ads is to take searchers directly to landing pages where they can find very specific details, not a general overview of your business. If customers have to dig through your site to find what they want when coming from an ad, they’re more likely to bail.

You’re Not Giving Your Customers What They Really Want

Many AdWords campaigns fail because there is disconnect between the company’s goals and what really matters to customers. For instance, you may be running your campaigns with the assumption that searchers are going to automatically be ready to make a decision. In reality, your customers may want more information first, or they might not fully trust your brand yet. Learn more about what your customers want before launching your ads by:

  • Actively participating in conversations on your social accounts
  • Reading what’s being said in online reviews
  • Sending out short customer surveys to determine your customers’ top concerns and priorities

Don’t forget about retargeting when planning your AdWords campaigns. Retargeting involves directing ads at searchers who have previously engaged with your brand online. Google has retargeting and remarketing platforms that can help with these efforts. Incidentally, retargeting can also be used for your social media and email campaigns.

Paid marketing can generate large volumes of traffic, especially if you leave it in the hands of the experts at Saba SEO. As a leading provider of high-quality online marketing in San Diego, we can create a customized and highly focused AdWords campaign for your business. We understand the dynamics of pay-per-click marketing, and our PPC campaigns are designed keeping your business objectives, budgetary limitations, and target audience’s needs and expectations in mind. To schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable PPC experts, give us a call at 858-951-1717 today.