What Makes Mobile Marketing Important?

Why Mobile Marketing is So Important in San Diego, CA

We’re now living in a world dominated by mobile devices, with 80 percent of internet users owning smartphones. More people now search for whatever they need to find online with a mobile device rather than a PC. These are just some of the reasons why mobile is the most powerful channel today in terms of communication, messaging, and marketing. Before considering any mobile SEO strategy, it is important to understand why mobile devices are so important these days.

It Matters to Google

In early 2017, Google officially made the transition to a mobile-first policy. For the purposes of ranking, this means websites are now evaluated based on how they appear on mobile screens. According to Google’s “mobilegeddon update,” websites that are unresponsive or difficult to navigate on mobile devices may be penalized.

It’s How Most Consumers Connect with Local Businesses

Nearly half of all consumers rely on online searches to look for the information they need. More than 70 percent of mobile searches have local intent, and half of all local searches convince mobile users to visit a local business.

It’s How Most People Search and Interact

Roughly two-thirds of all Americans now use mobile devices to shop, and Google reports 60 percent of all searches are now done on a mobile device. Online searchers use their devices for several tasks throughout the day, including potential brand interactions and engagements such as:

  • Checking email
  • Visiting social media pages, websites, and blogs
  • Using various apps (nearly 90 percent of mobile time is spent on apps)
  • Reading business reviews
  • Watching video content

It Boosts Your Reach

Even if your primary goal is to target desktop users, mobile engagement can amplify your message. Plus, there’s the potential to reach out to someone who may have missed your website with a social page or ad viewed on a mobile device.

It’s Personal and Easily Accessible

Due to mobile devices, you now have the opportunity to personalize your marketing efforts. Multiple surveys suggest more than half of all consumers today expect brands to be personal, and you can’t get more personal than connecting with someone on a mobile device.

Harnessing the power of mobile requires a comprehensive strategy involving how content is presented. Mobile users tend to take different actions than PC users because they have more options to tap and scroll. Making a phone number an active call link and other similar strategies can impact conversions. Fortunately, there are plenty of stats you can tap into to see how people are interacting with your brand on their various devices.

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