What Makes People Click on Spam Messages?

Why Do People Click on Spam Messages? in San Diego, CA

Loosely defined as any unwanted material sent electronically to recipients, spam accounts for nearly 15 billion messages sent to people on a regular basis. Spam is sometimes sent in an attempt to capture IP addresses or to release virus or malware. Experts at a reputed internet marketing company in San Diego attempt to explain what makes people click on spam messages.

Subject Lines Suggest a Prior Interest

Many internet users let their guard down with subject headers that suggest the email/message is in response to something they purchased or requested. Common examples of this include “Re: Your Order,” “Please Verify Your Info,” and “Information You Asked For.”

Scare Tactics Are Used

Spammers often resort to fear tactics to try and convince someone to click. Such messages may be seasonally timed, like emails saying “Problems with Your Taxes” or “Complete Your Christmas Shopping List.” Similar tactics include suggestions that “Payment Is Past Due” or “Your Auto Insurance Is About to Expire.”

Plays on Security Concerns

Most people have a lot of apps and software programs installed on their PCs and mobile devices. Because of this, messages that appear to be “Version Updates” tend to be clicked.

Messages Are from Friends

If spam messages are opened, the sender’s information may become part of someone’s mailing list. Messages from familiar recipients aren’t red flags for most spam software, so they’re more likely to get through and be opened.

Subject Lines Suggest It’s from a Friend

Spammers may make messages appear as if they’re from friends. Informal subject lines like “Hey!” or “Check This Out!” are often used to trick the recipient into clicking out of curiosity.

The good news is that spam filters are more effective than ever. Even so, it’s best to be proactive. Avoid unintentionally passing spam on to unsuspecting friends by watching your CC lists. If you don’t recall signing up for something, do not click on an email that asks for subscription details.

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