How to Write a Good Title Tag & Meta Description

Writing Title Tags and Descriptions

Title tags and accompanying meta descriptions are designed to entice customers to click on your particular link when searching for products and services. Since title tags and meta descriptions are key factors in how your site is ranked on SERPs (search engine results pages), it’s important to do a good job when creating these two search engine optimization elements.

Writing Good Title Tags

If you have multiple pages within your website, you’ll want to create a unique title tag (the same goes for your meta description) for each page, especially if each page of your site beyond the homepage covers a different product or service or another aspect of your business. Title tags are cut off beyond 55 characters, so choose your words carefully and consider the following:

  • Select one or two keywords from the content of the page your writing the tag for
  • Include a reference to your location (if you want to target customers by location)
  • Lead with your brand for the homepage title tag and your keywords for subsequent pages

Writing a Good Meta Description

After 115 characters, Google cuts off your meta description, so you want to be concise here too. You can, however, be creative with the character limit by leaving the browser with a description that’s cut off at a certain point on purpose, thus soliciting a curious click. Some tips for your consideration:

  • Use key phrases whenever possible (i.e., “apartments for rent in Miami”)
  • Supplement the title page; avoid repeating info already obvious from the title tag
  • Use synonyms to reduce keyword competition (from competitors using similar keywords)

Title tags and meta descriptions are just two of the many components that go into a great search engine marketing strategy. To learn more about search engine marketing, search engine optimization and how to better rank in Google search results, contact the San Diego internet marketing experts at Saba, Inc.

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