Do iPhone Users Spend More Online Than Android Users?

The debates over Mac versus PC and iPhone versus Android have been going on for years, and they’ll probably continue as long as the products stay in the market. While most of the debates between iPhone and Android users simply involve personal preference, there may actually be some differences between the two, one of which […]

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Do iPhone Users or Android Users Spend More Online? in San Diego, CA

Tips on Increasing B2B Traffic within a Short Time Frame

There’s constant competition when trying to sell to anyone online, especially when the potential customer is another business. Short-term tactics that can produce spikes in traffic are sometimes viewed as questionable by search engines. Highly targeted paid campaigns can be effective, but also expensive. However, there are a few ways to market your products to […]

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Raising B2B Traffic in a Short Time Span in San Diego, CA

19 Technical Facts SEO Beginners Need to Know

Investing in SEO can do wonderful things for your business. However, you may have concerns about diving into some of the technical aspects of search engine optimization. Providers of local SEO in San Diego are here to remove your concerns by discussing 19 technical SEO facts for beginners. 1. Page Speed Will Be a Mobile […]

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Technical Facts for SEO Beginners in San Diego, CA

Essential SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, and SEO ranking factors change each year. Factors from a couple of years ago might not matter much anymore, and new features could have a huge impact on your site’s ranking. Here are four of the most important ranking factors in 2017, brought to you by experienced providers of […]

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Key SEO Ranking Factors of 2017 in San Diego, CA

3 Tips on Improving Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook ads are a great way to attract customers, but it’s important to be aware of who your audience is, why they view your ads, and how likely they are to become customers. Here are three ways you can improve your Facebook ad targeting, brought to you by San Diego SEO marketing experts. 1. Discover […]

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Tips to Improve Facebook Ad Targeting in San Diego, CA

Tips on Outsmarting Your Competition in High-Stakes PPC Markets

When considering pay-per-click marketing, you may have to deal with competition. In smaller markets, it’s fine to take on the competition head on. However, doing the same thing in a high-stakes market where a “normal” bid can be as much as $40 could quickly stretch your budget. San Diego pay-per-click experts discuss a few steps […]

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Outsmarting Your Competition in High-Stakes PPC Markets in San Diego, CA

AdWords Ad Optimization: How to Make Little Changes That Have a Big Effect

Let’s assume you’ve researched your keywords for high commercial intent and determined your target audience, but you’re not seeing the intended results. If your online ad receives a lukewarm response, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go back to the drawing board and rethink your entire strategy. In many cases, you can make little […]

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Making Little Changes to Produce a Big Effect Through AdWords Optimization in San Diego, CA

SEO Is Always Changing…or Is It?

SEO certainly isn’t new. It predates social media and even Google. Many businesses find search engine optimization difficult because of the constant insistence that SEO is always changing. While the tactics and technology behind search optimization do change and evolve, the fundamentals of SEO remain static. Experts at a reputed San Diego optimization firm attempt […]

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Is Seo Always Changing? in San Diego, CA

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook the Importance of Display URLs in PPC Ads

Display URLs are quite similar to vanity plates. These URLs are not active links, but they do give searchers a better idea of where they will be directed to after they click one of your PPC ads. However, the potential power of display URLs is often overlooked in order to pay more attention to the […]

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Why Not to Overlook the Importance of Displauy URLs in PPC Ads in San Diego, CA

Google Announces AdWords Users Can Overspend Their Budgets by Double

The announcement from Google that advertisers can now spend twice their average daily budget may not seem like much of a big deal, but it could have an impact on AdWords users. Google’s announcement tweet made it sound like it was optional, but that’s not the case. Whether this move is a cause for concern […]

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Google Makes an Announcement that AdWords Users Can Overspend their Budget by Double in San Diego, CA