The Mathematical Reason Why Social Media Matters to SEO

Social media is not currently part of Google’s search algorithm. Social media platforms are routinely used by nearly 2 billion internet users over the world, and the search engine does consider what happens as a result of your social media engagement. For this reason, it makes sense to promote your content via your various social […]

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Why Mathematical Reason Why Social Media Matters to SEO

How to Optimize Your Site for Google’s Mobile First Index [Infographic]

With the mobile-first index, Google creates and ranks its search listings based on the mobile version of a website. This means that responsive websites could enjoy a better rank, and nonresponsive websites may be at the losing end. The speed of loading is another critical factor that determines rank, and there are several other points […]

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Mobile SEO

How to Create the Best Meta Title for SEO

Meta titles are the clickable headlines someone sees when your content is displayed on search engine results pages. These headings will ultimately catch someone’s attention and help them decide whether or not to click back to your content. Since you literally only have seconds to generate interest, these titles need to be descriptive and well-crafted. […]

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Ways to Come Up With New Content in San Diego, CA

Why Is User Intent Important for Future SEO Strategies?

A few years ago, SEO was all about doing whatever it took to get that coveted first-page placement. The goal was sometimes achieved with tactics like keyword stuffing and link buying. While such tactics haven’t completely disappeared, they’re not likely to be effective in present day SEO. The future of SEO is centered around what […]

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The Importance of User Intent on Future SEO Strategies

Facebook Ads Are Now Available on Videos

In the past few years, Facebook users have been viewing and sharing videos more and more frequently. As of February 2017, Facebook will be monetizing these videos by placing ads in the middle, similar to television commercials. Here’s what social media experts in San Diego have to say about the placement of these new ads. […]

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Facebook Now Has Video Ads

Impact of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on SEO

When it comes to mobile phones, speed matters. Mobile phone users have several things to tap, scroll, and press, and they may not have a lot of patience for content that’s slow to load. This is where accelerated mobile pages (AMP) come in. AMP is an open-source protocol that allows web pages to load instantaneously […]

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Small Business Webdesign, San Diego, CA

Expert Tips on Analyzing Your SEO Competitors

If your opponent is coming from the east, attack from the west, unless there are potential customers in the east. This variation of Sun Tzu’s philosophy highlights the importance of keeping tabs on your competition, especially when they’re going after the same consumers. One of the leading San Diego SEO companies shares a few tips […]

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SEO Reports in San Diego, CA

How to Prevent Your Content from Being Over-Optimized

Hot buttered popcorn and chocolate ice cream may be tasty treats, but only in moderation. The same is true with SEO. While it’s good to optimize your content, over-indulging with keywords or sprinkling too many links throughout your content may catch the attention of Google in a bad way. An experienced San Diego optimization firm […]

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Preventing Your Content from Being Over-Optimized

7 Tips on Fixing Your Social Media Campaign (When It Isn’t Working)

Social media is highly engaging and often an effective way to extend your online visibility and boost your brand’s image. Of course, all of this good stuff only happens when a campaign is actually working. If you’re not seeing the results you were expecting with a social media campaign, there are some things you can […]

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Advice on Fixing Your Social Media Campaign in San Diego, CA

How to Use Social Media to Boost SEO

There are nearly 3 billion social media users worldwide. According to one estimate, more than half of them use info they find on social pages to make purchase decisions. Social media is also highly interactive, which means plenty of opportunities to increase brand visibility. San Diego social media marketing experts discuss a few reasons why […]

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in San Diego, CA