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How to Deal with Old Blog Posts

Blogs were one of the most popular strategies for content creation and SEO in the mid-2000s. During this time, most businesses focused on quantity over quality. Content creators were determined to fit as many keywords into as many blog posts as possible, and they didn’t care much about the quality or entertainment value of their […]

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How to Manage Old Blog Posts in San Diego, CA

Mobile-First Indexing Now Accounts for Over Half of Google Search Results

In 2016, Google announced its plan for mobile-first indexing, explaining that its algorithm will eventually rank sites based solely on their mobile versions. As more and more people switch to mobile browsing, Google wants to prioritize the mobile user experience over the desktop experience. They started to roll out mobile-first indexing in December 2017, but […]

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Mobile-First Indexing Accounting for More Than Half of Google Search Results in San Diego, CA

The Importance of Site Search

Site search is a search engine entirely devoted to a single website. Many websites have a site search feature, but few take advantage of its marketing potential. As you review your site’s performance from 2018 and make plans for your 2019 marketing strategy, you should consider the capabilities of site search. The professional web development […]

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Importance of Site Search in San Diego, CA

Why Are SSL Certificates Essential for a Website?

Google Chrome marks websites as “secure” or “not secure” to let visitors know if they need to be cautious when entering personal information. Sites marked “not secure” don’t have an SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, certificate. When visitors see this “not secure” tag, they may not stay on your site or become customers. The staff […]

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Importance of SSL Certificate for a Website in San Diego, CA

8 Ways to Address Technical SEO Issues

It’s not always an easy task to determine what’s going on SEO-wise when you start to see stats suggesting there’s a problem. After you’ve eliminated issues with things like keywords, content, and backlinks, shift your focus to possible technical SEO problems, which are more common on older or JavaScript-heavy sites. To help with your debugging […]

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Tips to Address Technical SEO Issues in San Diego, CA

What Do You Need to Know About Google’s Page Speed Update?

Page speed has been a desktop ranking factor for nearly a decade now. While it’s long been suspected that Google also looks at page speed on mobile devices for ranking purposes, they’ve only recently declared this is the case. For San Diego SEO companies such as Saba SEO, this doesn’t come as much of a […]

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All You Need to Know About Google’s Page Speed Update in San Diego, CA

An Overview of Optimizing Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Most searches are performed with local intent in mind, and most local searches come from mobile devices. Furthermore, nearly 90 percent of online searchers use Google Maps to find business basics like address, phone number, and directions. If you have multiple physical locations, you’ll want to do everything possible to make it easy for local […]

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Optimizing Local SEO for Multiple Locations in San Diego, CA

Optimizing a Google My Business Listing

If your business is primarily locally based, you should do everything possible to remain front and center for searchers within a certain geographic area, as it’s a crucial aspect of SEO. San Diego business owners need to claim their Google My Business (GMB) listing, which is a free directory that has the potential to put […]

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How to Optimize a Google My Business Listing in San Diego, CA

How to Create a Simple Marketing Plan for Social Media

Communicating with your customers via social media is the most popular way to achieve regular communication. The social media experts at Saba SEO, a leading marketing, web development, and SEO company in San Diego, offer these amazing tips to help you create a simple social media marketing plan. Determine Your Audience Revisit who your audience is, […]

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Creating an Easy Marketing Plan for Social Media in San Diego, CA

Mistakes Small Business Owners Need to Avoid

Starting a small business can seem overwhelming. The biggest fear new small business owners face is failure. The best way to avoid failure is to learn from the mistakes of others and heed some advice from reliable marketing companies. San Diego businesses as well as companies all over the world need to avoid making the […]

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Mistakes Small Business Owner Should Avoid in San Diego, CA