5 Elements of a Successful PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is currently the only way to land a spot on the first page of search engine results pages. It’s also the quickest and easiest way to garner more attention for your business and drive more traffic to your site. Saba SEO, a leading San Diego PPC company, shares 5 essential elements for […]

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PPC Tips in San Diego, CA

Do You Really Need an SEO Consultant? (or Can You Do It Yourself)?

In many ways, Search engine optimization certainly seems easy enough. Site owners simply need to register their URLs, target the right keywords, generate and publish high-quality content, build a few organic, inbound links, and wait for things to happen. However, SEO is an incredibly involved process. Moreover, it’s an ongoing effort with requirements that are […]

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SEO Team in San Diego, CA

Google Updates that Dominated 2016

As many SEO experts point out, Google changes its algorithm hundreds of times every year! While many of these changes are minor, the tech giant often rolls out a major update every now and then. This leaves SEO companies and online marketers scrambling for answers. 2016 was truly an eventful year. The popular search engine […]

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10 SEO Topics & Keywords for the Real Estate Business

Whether crafting new content for your website or blog or gearing up for a new PPC campaign, having the right topics and keywords is essential. This is especially true in the fast-paced and highly competitive real estate industry. The staff at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO firm, has put together a list of […]

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Real Estate Keywords in San Diego, CA

How to Reach the Top in Local SEO Rankings

Local SEO strategies are excellent for increasing traffic to your business. The better your local search engine rankings are, the more likely customers will be able to find you when they need you. Saba SEO, a trusted SEO company in San Diego, shares a few tips for successful local SEO rankings. Make Your Website Responsive […]

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Local SEO Tips in San Diego, CA

What Matters & What Doesn’t: 10 Awesome SEO Tips

Because the requirements for SEO are always changing, understanding what works and what doesn’t can be incredibly challenging. Following are 10 tips that can help you sort things out and nail down a solid online marketing strategy. 1. Timely, Relevant, and Unique Content Still Reigns Supreme At its simplest, the web is just content that […]

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Why Local SEO Is Crucial for Marketing

Local SEO helps businesses reach local customers who need their products or services. It’s an essential digital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, and it becomes more important for success every year. Here are three reasons why local SEO is crucial for marketing purposes. More Local Customers Are Using the Internet to Find Businesses […]

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Local SEO Tips in San Diego, CA

Are Keywords Still Relevant for SEO?

When Google was in its first years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, keywords were one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. Google SEO used the ratio of keywords to total word count on a page to determine the site’s search engine ranking, so online marketers would create content that used […]

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Keywords for SEO in San Diego, CA

How “Mobile First” Websites Will Help Your SEO Rankings

Google constantly changes and updates their algorithm, and an upcoming update will make the search engine “mobile first.” Before this update, the ranking systems used the desktop version of every site to determine the site’s search rankings. However, mobile sites are often different from desktop sites and sometimes have less content. If a mobile user […]

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Mobile Marketing SEO Tips in San Diego, CA

On-Page SEO Checklist [Infographic]

Search engine optimization doesn’t end with blogs. You can also gain website traffic using on-page SEO practices. Before you start posting content, however, there are a few essential things you need to add to your checklist. Everything from meta title tags and internal links to URLS and site speed can affect your SEO rank. To […]

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