SEO Practices E-Commerce Businesses Should Adopt in 2018

Like any type of search engine optimization, e-commerce SEO involves a series of techniques designed to increase online visibility. The difference is that e-commerce SEO is centered on organic search results. Specifically, there are three main goals associated with e-commerce optimization: getting more organic traffic to online store product pages, generating organic sales without having […]

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How to Create Content That Is Perfectly Optimized

When it comes to online engagement, content is still king. However, your content is only going to live up to its full potential if it’s perfectly optimized for the intended audience. Optimizing your content may seem like a monumental task, but there are a few steps you can take to make it more visible and […]

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Creating Perfectly Optimized Content in San Diego, CA

Why Do You Experience a Drop in Your Website Traffic?

Even if you’re investing in paid ads, uploading insightful blogs, and engaging with your customers on social media, your website can still inspire conversions and generate revenue. Any unexpected drops in traffic should be a cause of concern for your business. The San Diego web design experts at Saba SEO discuss a few reasons website […]

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Reasons for Decreasing Website Traffic in San Diego, CA

How to Add SEO Power to Your WooCommerce Plugin

Adding a WooCommerce plugin is a good way to turn an existing WordPress site into an e-commerce website and generate a steady stream of online revenue. While the plugin operates on nearly 40 percent of all online stores, it still needs an effective SEO strategy. The San Diego SEO service providers at Saba SEO share […]

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Adding SEO Power to WooCommerce Plugin in San Diego, CA

What Is Google’s Speed Update All About?

Google’s planned page speed for mobile rollout is here. In a nutshell, it means page speed is now a mobile search ranking factor. Given the fact that more than half of all global website traffic now comes from mobile devices, the move isn’t much of a surprise. If you’re a webmaster, you’ll need to be […]

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A Brief Look at Google's Speed Update in San Diego, CA

5 Ways to Prevent Negative SEO from Affecting Your Website

Negative SEO is a classic black hat SEO tactic that could result in a noticeable dip in online visibility. It’s essentially an assault from a competitor that involves things like directing bad links to your site and crashing your server by sending bogus requests your way. The way to fight negative SEO techniques is to […]

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5 Tips for Preventing Negative SEO from Damaging Your Website in San Diego, CA

Don’t Get Burned with These Risky SEO Tactics

It’s only human to want to take shortcuts whenever possible to achieve the desired results faster. However, some of the steps sometimes taken to boost your search engine results are a bit risky. In the world of SEO, such questionable tactics are referred to as black hat or gray hat SEO. You may be able […]

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SEO Tactics to Avoid in San Diego, CA

Should Ranking First Be Your SEO Priority in 2018?

The ultimate goal with SEO is to land the coveted top spot on search engine results pages (SERPs). Ranking first is still a worthwhile goal to have in some situations. However, it’s no longer the gold standard when it comes to sizing up SEO results. At one time, the first spot on SERPs generated nearly […]

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Importance of Ranking First in San Diego, CA

All You Need to Know About Owned, Earned, & Paid Media

The way media is presented online for marketing purposes has evolved over time with advances in technology and search engine updates. For this reason, you’re more likely to benefit from a converged media strategy, which is an online marketing plan that includes owned, earned, and paid media elements. The San Diego SEO specialists at Saba SEO […]

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What Are Owned, Earned, and Paid Media in San Diego, CA?

3 Things That Make Your Content Great

“Quality” is defined as a standard measured against other similar things, or simply a degree of excellence. But what does “quality” mean when it comes to online content? If the standards being used to gauge the quality of your content are established by Google, you’ll need to keep things like user experience and relevance in […]

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3 Signs of High-Quality Content in San Diego, CA