The Ultimate Blog Writing Process to Create Killer Articles

Writing blogs is one of the best ways to attract visitors to your website. However, a poorly-written or unhelpful blog post may make readers think less of your site. Experienced internet marketers share a few tips on how to create high-quality blog posts. Coming Up with an Idea Go through other blogs in your industry […]

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The Best Blog Writing Process to Create Impressive Articles in San Diego, CA

A Quick Look at Google Tag Manager

A tag is a JavaScript code that sends marketing and analytics data to third parties like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Facebook. Google Tag Manager, or GTM, provides an easy way for you to add tags to your website. Without Tag Manager, you have to add the code for the tags directly to the website […]

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A Glance at Google Tag Manager in San Diego, CA

How to Create Content to Boost Your Local Search Rankings

Adding local content to your website is one of the best strategies to boost your local search rankings. If you’re a local business owner, you probably want to attract more local customers through your website. Here are a few tips for boosting your local SEO by creating content. Use Multiple Location Pages Create a separate […]

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Creating Content to Boost Your Local Search Rankings in San Diego, CA

A Five-Point Checklist for the Perfect Blog Post

There’s nothing wrong with striving for perfection, especially when it comes to posting something online to attract attention and encourage engagement. As far as blog posts are concerned, everybody has their own views on what “perfect” really is. However, there are some basics you should keep in mind when writing a blog post for SEO […]

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The Checklist for the Best Blog Post in San Diego, CA

4 of the Most Effective PPC Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to include more information in your ad than just the base ad copy. There are many extensions to choose from, but some tend to be more effective than others. When planning your PPC campaign, here are some of the most effective ad extensions you should consider. 1. Structured Snippets Structured snippets […]

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The Top Most Effective PPC Ad Extensions in San Diego, CA

7 Updates to Google My Business in 2017 You May Have Missed

Google My Business has seen several changes throughout the past few months, and many of them have not been officially announced. Online marketing experts have put together a list of seven announced changes in Google My Business in 2017. 1. Snack Pack Available to More Industries The Snack Pack shows an image instead of providing […]

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You May Have Missed the 7 Updates to Google My Business in 2017 in San Diego, CA

A Brief Review of Google Lens, an AI-Powered Visual Search Tool

In an announcement at the I/O conference on May 17th, Google CEO Sundar Pichai described Google Lens. The AI visual search tool, which will be a part of Google Photos and Google Assistant, allows you to find more information about a photo, video, or live feed by pointing your phone at it. The AI recognizes […]

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A Look at Google Lens, an AI-Powered Visual Search Tool in San Diego, CA

Are Robots Taking Control of the PPC Industry?

As automation tools are being developed across several businesses, people often fear that they will be replaced by robots, especially in the pay-per-click (PPC) industry. It’s important to think about whether the fear is valid and whether there are any solutions available. Human beings are still needed in the fields of PPC management and digital […]

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Robots Taking Over the PPC Industry in San Diego, CA

How to Write Articles People Actually Want to Read

Content is in demand these days, so there will always be a need to produce articles. However, it takes an effort to get the attention of online searchers today because of the sheer volume of online content present. While reading, people tend to tune out until something catches their eye. Professional content marketers in San […]

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Ways to Write Articles People Will Want to Read in San Diego, CA

What Makes Mobile Marketing Important?

We’re now living in a world dominated by mobile devices, with 80 percent of internet users owning smartphones. More people now search for whatever they need to find online with a mobile device rather than a PC. These are just some of the reasons why mobile is the most powerful channel today in terms of […]

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Why Mobile Marketing is So Important in San Diego, CA