Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

effective email marketing

Over the last few years, social media and other channels have become the focal point of internet marketing while the popularity of email marketing has plummeted. Many business owners have reported declining response rates for their email campaigns and, as a result, email marketing has been put on the back burner. However, every business owner and marketing manager should ask themselves if email marketing could still be effective. Continue reading

Have You Disappeared from Google’s 7 Pack?

Missing from Google 7 Pack

Adding to Google’s menagerie of algorithm updates, its recent local modification “Pigeon,” was released on July 24, 2014, for American English searches. Like the release of Panda and Penguin before it, Pigeon has left some local businesses looking to make adjustments to their search engine optimization, as they find they are no longer appearing in Google’s seven pack – the grouping of results appearing alongside a Google Map which pinpoints their locations. Continue reading

7 Eye-Opening SEO Facts that are Hard to Ignore

Benefits of SEO for Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t an easy concept to grasp, yet it’s not something that should be ignored, especially if you plan to do any marketing online. While you may have heard terms like Google bots and algorithms thrown around in connection with SEO, you may need a little more convincing to see why SEO is becoming an absolute necessity for businesses in numerous industries. Here are seven impressive SEO stats and facts to ponder: Continue reading

How Blogging Can Increase your Business’ Exposure Online


Did you know that companies that maintain an online blog acquire significantly more leads than non-blogging companies? In fact, 52% of customers say blogs have impacted purchase decisions, with 42% of customers specifically looking to articles and blogs for information about potential purchases. Additionally, blogs that posted the most content received the most customer acquisitions. And who doesn’t want more customers? Continue reading