7 Elements of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Google processes 3.5 billion searches every single day. You can be sure that anyone who hears about your brand and wants to find out more about you or your company, checks you out on social media. The importance of creating a good impression on them cannot be overstated. So what works when you set out […]

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Social Media Secrets from San Diego, CA

5 Tips For Selecting The Right Keywords For SEO

Companies optimize their web pages for search by using certain keywords or key phrases on their pages. Thus picking the right keywords is crucial not just for paid searches, but also for organic searches. Ideally, you want to pick keywords that are not competitive but still get a lot of searches. Keywords are the words […]

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Keyword Research For SEO in San Diego, CA

Simple Off-Page SEO Technique for Better SEO Ranking

Off-page SEO is the collective name for all activities that take place outside of your website which helps your site rank well in organic search results. Off-page SEO is all about promoting your site through a process of bloggers outreach, content marketing, and backlinks. Most San Diego SEO companies believe that off-page SEO is an […]

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Off Page Strategies for Successful SEO Campaign in San Diego, CA

5 Main Differences Between Google & Bing Ads

Google is the go-to search engine for most people. According to Comscore, It holds about 63% of the search market share. Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and was previously called Windows Live Search and MSN Search. Over the last several years, Bing has made a concerted advertising effort to position itself as a viable alternative […]

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Bing and Google Ads in San Diego, CA

How Google’s Move to Put 4 Ads in the Top Will Affect SEO Traffic

The world of SEO was dealt the equivalent of a seismic shock when Google moved the paid ads from the right hand side of search results to the top of the page. Google said that it made the change for ‘highly commercial queries” in order to provide “relevant results” for users and “better performance for […]

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PPC changes in San Diego, CA

5 Reasons Why SEO is Still Relevant

If you or your organization has an online presence, chances are that you have heard of SEO. SEO is the set of strategies that a website employs in order to rank high on Google or another major search engine. You may also have heard of people questioning the value of SEO and wondering whether it […]

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The Benefits of SEO in San Diego, CA

Hallmarks of a Successful Landing Page

A landing page is the destination page your customers land on when they click on your ad. Most online marketing companies believe that it only takes a few seconds for the user to decide whether to continue to stay on your web page or to hit the back button and try another website. Therefore, it […]

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PPC Landing Tips for San Diego, CA Business Websites

4 Easy Strategies for Creating Great Content Ideas

With just 8 seconds to gain customers’ interest, in a sea of competing content, no one has the time for lukewarm introductions and halfhearted spiels. In a world where everyone has ‘been there and read and seen that’ how do you capture interest and compel people to continue reading, hearing or watching? With people prone […]

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Ways to Come Up With New Content in San Diego, CA

What is On-page SEO and How You Can Use it to Rank Your Website

On-page SEO is a set of practices that optimize web pages so that they rank higher in search results and receive more traffic. It is a way of increasing your website’s visibility in the organic search results of Google and other search engines. Our search engine marketing experts in San Diego, California, created a list […]

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SEO On Page Tips for Websites in San Diego, CA

Snapchat Demographics That May Surprise You

Individuals and San Diego SEO companies alike use Snapchat on a daily basis to send temporary photos and text messages or share their stories. In fact, people all over the world and from every walk of life use this intriguing app to communicate and share with one another. Who would you suppose is the most […]

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