Snapchat Demographics That May Surprise You

Individuals and San Diego SEO companies alike use Snapchat on a daily basis to send temporary photos and text messages or share their stories. In fact, people all over the world and from every walk of life use this intriguing app to communicate and share with one another. Who would you suppose is the most […]

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Interesting Facts and Figures About Blogging

More and more, businesses and SEO services in San Diego use blogs to increase their ROI and website traffic. In addition to more companies using blogs to bring in potential clients, more people in turn are reading blogs each day. Statistics in the following infographic show that pretty much every marketing company be they inbound, […]

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SEO Blog in San Diego, CA

Google Algorithm Changes History 2014-2016

In order for companies like San Diego Saba SEO to adhere to Google’s practices and create relevant content, we have to keep track of Google’s algorithm changes. These algorithms are a series of calculations that restrict companies and individuals from spamming website content with links that increase website traffic. In other words, these algorithms level […]

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Google's Timeline in San Diego, CA

Amazing Twitter Facts You Didn’t Know

We live in an amazing age where social media connects people, ideas and organizations with a simple click of a button. Everyone from college kids to businesses like Saba SEO use social media to reach out and connect with others. One of the more preferred social media sites is Twitter. If you’re new to the […]

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Twitter News in San Diego, Ca

How the Algorithm RankBrain Works

Did you suddenly notice last year that Google was completing your sentences for you before you were even sure about what you were searching for? If you found that Google was throwing better matches for your queries, breezing through some of your more complicated questions and giving you accurate search results for vague queries and […]

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Googles Algorithm Brainrank in San Diego, CA

What is Local SEO and which businesses is it important for?

Over the years, search engines have become smarter in figuring out a searcher’s search intent.  For instance, when customers search for a business or service on using a geo location in their search query such as “San Diego SEO” or “SEO Company San Diego”, the intention is to find a nearby firm that offers […]

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Seo Local Search Services in San Diego, CA

4 Tips to Master Brand Storytelling

You’ve heard a thousand times how important brand storytelling is to your online marketing strategy, but it can be hard to untangle what that means if you aren’t a natural born storyteller. So, how do you successfully tell your brand’s story? 1. Be True First and foremost, whatever you do, be honest. Making truth a […]

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Story Telling Tips in San Diego, CA

5 Tips to Future-Proof Your Marketing

Digital marketing, and the technology that powers it, continues to mature at light speed, making it all the more important for digital marketing companies in San Diego to be adaptable to whatever the future may hold. Here are a few tips to ensure your marketing technology doesn’t get left behind. Be Flexible It’s good to […]

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Digital Marketing Strategy in San Diego, CA

What is Blackhat SEO? And why you should avoid it.

When it comes to SEO, Google has a list of do’s and don’ts of rules on what a website should and shouldn’t do online in order to increase its ranking. Blackhat SEO is the name given to a set of practices that try to manipulate the system and rank very quickly. These practices bend or […]

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Learn How to Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques in San Diego, CA

WhatsApp to Help Businesses Reach Users

Much to the dismay of some WhatsApp users, the once ad-free encrypted instant messaging platform will soon become a tool for businesses to better connect with potential consumers. On a positive note, a move by Facebook, which acquired it in 2014, will make those ads more relevant to WhatsApp users. The social media giant will […]

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Phone Services WhatsAPP in San Diego, CA