Voice Search Is Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape

The English language is considered one of the most rapidly evolving languages in the world, and yet it has taken us this long to achieve widespread adoption of technology that takes advantage of it: Voice search. Think about it this way. If your boss walks up and says, “TPS reports,” what is your conclusion? Is he […]

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5 Twitter Tips for Every Small Business

Many small businesses are skeptical about incorporating social media marketing in their overall marketing plans, but this can be a great way to increase brand awareness and exposure. If you’re just getting started with Twitter, here are a few tips to make the platform work for you. 1. Link to Native Content While the character […]

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Twitter Secrets in San Diego, CA

How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email campaigns are one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. An impressive marketing email commands the attention of your customer and generates more interest in and sales for your product or service. Listed below are five tips for an effective email marketing campaign from San Diego digital marketing experts. 1) Use Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines […]

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Using Data to Create Engaging Content

Whether it’s facts and figures unique to your industry or specific to your business, finding data to weave into your content isn’t that difficult. The key to using that data effectively, however, is presenting it in a way that resonates with your desired audience in the form of engaging content. Tell Compelling Stories The bits […]

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Data for Content in SEO San Diego, CA

Understanding and Using Long-Tail Keywords

One of the most vital aspects of optimizing your website for search engines is the process of selecting and targeting specific keywords. Doing this helps Google and other search engines know what your content is focused on, and they’ll be able to send traffic to your site when relevant terms are used. What Are Long-Tail […]

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Long Tail Keywords in San Diego, CA

What You Need to Know About Rich Snippets and SEO

There was a time when all it took to boost your ranking on search engines was adjustments to keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and the rest of your content. Google’s algorithm updates over the years have changed what’s considered when ranking a site, meaning it no longer pays to insert hidden keywords, buy […]

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Rich Snippet Information in San Diego, CA

The Only Social Media Mind Trick You Need to Know

With so many people and companies grappling for attention online in 2016, staying on top of the digital marketing scene can get exhausting. Originality and authenticity are the primary components of successful online marketing, but what if we told you that there actually is a trick to making it big online? It doesn’t cost a […]

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SEO Mind Trick in San Diego, CA

5 Effective Emotional Marketing Triggers

We now know that a consumer’s conscious and subconscious emotions play a very big role in their shopping habits. By understanding some of the variables that trigger these emotions, businesses can create much more effective online marketing campaigns for their products and services. 1. Trust Building trust with your customers is one of the best […]

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Customer Loyalty Tips in San Diego, CA

How Do You Create a Winning Customer Persona

In short, to run a successful business, you must provide a solution to a strong desire or need. This starts with creating a buyer persona that represents your target audience. A customer persona is a profile of the person you want to attract to your business. The more accurate your customer persona, the more likely it […]

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Learn How to Communicate more Effectively with Clients in San Diego, CA

3 Tips for Gaining Earned Media

To keep it simple, we’ll say there are three kinds of media in digital marketing: paid media, owned media, and earned media. Paid media is any type of advertising that your purchase from an outside source. Owned media is any kind of media that you own outright (blogs, company websites, social media, etc.). Earned media […]

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Earned Media in San Diego, CA