What You Should Know About Influencer Marketing

It’s not unusual for businesses to actively seek out people who have a large, dedicated online following to promote their products or services. San Diego internet marketing experts are making the argument that this approach to engaging with customers, referred to as influencer marketing, is the next big thing in marketing. It’s the New Word-of-Mouth […]

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Google Callout Extensions

The SEO Guide When Moving Your Business

Your business may have physically moved, and while your website hasn’t changed, a new physical location can make your company harder to find online. Unless you revisit your current SEO efforts, customers who routinely turn to search engines for local business information aren’t going to be directed to your new location, which could unintentionally direct […]

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Business Moving in San Diego, CA

5 Effective Ways to Implement Local SEO

Driven in part by Google’s increased emphasis on geographic-specific results, local SEO is more important than ever for businesses looking to achieve prominent placement online. If you haven’t gone local with your search engine optimization efforts just yet, it may be time to consider implementing some local SEO strategies. 1. Encourage Link Building Local SEO […]

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Successful Local SEO Tips in San Diego, CA

Essential Elements for a Social Media Content Plan

If you want to get the most out of your social media marketing, you’re going to need an effective social media content plan. According to local San Diego internet marketing experts, such a plan should consist of your basic goals and expectations along with ways to actually achieve and track those goals. 1. Create Social […]

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How to Build a Successful Social Media Plan in San Diego, CA

How to Legitimately Drive Traffic to Blogs

It doesn’t matter how well written or informative your blog is if your intended audience isn’t finding it. The secret to legitimately driving traffic to any of your blogs is to avoid the temptation to stuff in keywords that have nothing to do with your content and focus more on creating engaging, optimized posts. Here […]

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How to Build a Successful Blog in San Diego, CA

Top Predictions for Content Marketing in 2016

The goal of content marketers in San Diego will always be to create relevant, valuable, engaging, and consistent content across multiple platforms. As with anything done online, there are trends to be mindful of each year. With 2016 officially in full swing, here are a few predictions for the year. 1. User Information Will Tell […]

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Content Marketing Predictions in San Diego, CA

Follow These Tips to Create Easy-to-Use Websites

Today’s market is filled with tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops. To diversify matters even further, the screen sizes and touch systems used in these devices can vary greatly. To ensure that websites are appealing and usable by most internet users, web designers in San Diego should aim to create responsive templates and tools. Keep Content […]

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Outdated Web Design Trends

Reddit Is a Treasure Trove of Marketing Ideas and Resources

Reddit is one of the largest social media sites on the internet. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other mainstream social media sites, Reddit is a community-oriented platform that does not tolerate junk content. Because of this, Reddit is an excellent place for internet marketers to find fresh content ideas or to research consumers. Use Reddit to […]

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Business Social Networks for SEO in San Diego, CA

SEO Tips for Websites

The success of search engines and our reliance on them as product and content consumers has cemented the need for even well-established websites to employ search engine optimization techniques. As such, here are some that you should be using: 1. Never, under any circumstances, should a website manager consider their website finished. This common misconception […]

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Learn the Truth About Search Engine Optimization in San Diego, CA

A Peak into Google’s Search Quality Guidelines

A few months back, Google released its search quality guidelines, allowing users, website owners, and those interested in the mechanics of SEO to further explore the concepts of a quality search. The mission of the quality guidelines released by Google last November is to provide transparency and give marketers and webmasters the power to examine […]

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Use the Best AdWords Keywords