Creating a Landing Page That Converts

You’ve done market and keyword research. You’ve created AdWords ads (or something similar). What happens next? You create a landing page that will convert by capturing a potential client’s attention, maintaining his or her interest, and keeping them focused on the benefits you’re offering. Get the Headline Right You have one chance to get your […]

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Increase Click Through Rates with Landing Pages

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

With all of the different social media platforms, how do you choose which platform is ideal for your small business or service? Consider the following: Who is your customer? Are your customers mostly male or female? How often do you want to interact? What is the story you want to tell? Once you have defined […]

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Social Media and SEO

4 Lessons Content Writers Can Learn from Comedians

Content writers utilize many different styles and voices depending on their subject and whom they’re writing for. And often, this means looking to outside sources to research tone and language, among other things. Next time your online marketing team is diving into a project, suggest they take a cue from an unlikely source—comedians. Wondering why? […]

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Similarities Between Comedians and SEO Marketing Techniques

3 Steps to Republishing Content

Every online marketing expert can vouch for the value of a steady stream of content. At some point, however, business and website owners might feel like they’ve exhausted all sources or simply don’t have the same publishing capacity. As such, it’s easy to look at the massive tome of old blog posts, articles, ebooks, and […]

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Tips for Republishing Old Content

Basic SEO Must-Haves for Any Business

Whether you’re starting a new business or are simply unsatisfied with your current rank, ensuring you’ve optimized your site with a few SEO must-haves will help you connect with your targeted audience, move up the results page, and acquire more visitors. 1. Unique Content The key to an effective search engine optimization campaign is unique […]

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Top Search Engine Optimization Requirements

The Best Podcasts for Online Marketers

Podcasts are one of the easiest ways for digital marketers to stay up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and resources for online marketing. If you’ve got a long commute for work or want to break up your workday, here are a handful of podcasts worth a listen. Tropical MBA Podcast This podcast started back in […]

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Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen to

How to Create Engaging LinkedIn Content

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was used solely as an online resume. Today, professionals who want to stay relevant and businesses who want to increase website traffic can—and should—use LinkedIn as a soundboard. From job search advice to industry-specific content, LinkedIn users can now publish posts that allow them to demonstrate their skills and […]

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Tips for Creating LinkedIn Content Optimized for SEO

SEO Practices That Don’t Bring Visitors

SEO should bring visitors to your website, but some common strategies don’t bring visitors at all. Instead of spending time on these tactics, spend time on practices that actually work. Here are a handful of search engine optimization practices to avoid. Keyword Spamming Repeating keywords too many times on a web page can keep your […]

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Avoid Using these Outdated SEO Tactics

Strategies and Best Practices for Effective Link Building

Link building is one of the pillars of the search engine optimization (SEO) industry. Along with keywords and website structure, link building is a major ranking factor in the search engine results page (SERP). When done properly, San Diego internet marketing experts believe link building can give a website a tremendous SEO boost. Strategies There […]

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Link Building and its Importance in SEO

Top Tips for Creating a Killer Content Calendar

Creating a detailed content calendar is key to achieving your strategic goals and producing consistent quality material for your audience. By achieving your content goals, you can improve your search engine marketing efforts, increase your engagement, and better market your business. Here are six simple tools to create an effective content calendar. 1. Brainstorm  Gather […]

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Get Your Content Organized With a Calendar