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Instagram Marketing Just Got Real

Instagram, the photo-sharing giant acquired by Facebook in 2012, recently opened its advertising platform to all brands. This development represents a staggering opportunity for brands positioned to take advantage and increase social media marketing efforts. It should come as no surprise that Instagram would attempt to capitalize on its captive audience. In fact, Facebook predicts […]

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Instagram Marketing Is Taking Off!

When is the Best Time to Post Content?

For most online marketers, it’s a given that certain types of websites will receive varying amounts of traffic depending on the target audience and the time of day. However, not everyone knows just what time is best for their marketing goals. For your content to have the most impact and draw visitors to your site, […]

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The Best Times to Post SEO Content

The Power of Negative Keywords in Your AdWords Campaign

If you’re new to AdWords campaign management, you might not be too familiar with negative keywords yet. As you become more comfortable with your campaigns and your ads begin to gain impressions, San Diego AdWords managers recommend taking your marketing efforts up a notch with negative keywords. Why Do I Need Negative Keywords and What […]

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How Negative Keywords Can Affect Your AdWords Campaign

How Customer Reviews Bolster SEO Efforts

If you own a business, a large portion of your internet marketing efforts are probably centered around local SEO. While listings, schema, and other matters are all very important for local SEO, customer reviews can be beneficial for improving your search engine rank and drawing in offline sales. Better Rankings for Company or Product Name […]

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How Customer Reviews Can Bring In Business

Must-Know Mobile SEO Updates

If you have been keeping up with SEO news, you probably know that search engines are continuously changing to provide internet users with easy access to high-quality information. Due to more people accessing the internet from smartphones and tablets, search engines have also made updates to mobile SEO. Here is what you need to know […]

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Must Know Mobile SEO News

Is Content Marketing Here to Stay?

Content marketing is a large aspect of SEO and website management, and while the concept and strategies may evolve over the years, there are no signs that it’s going to become irrelevant anytime soon. Wondering if content marketing is here for the long haul? As a San Diego SEO firm that believes content is king, […]

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Using Content Marketing to Attract and Retain Customers

The Role of Web Design in SEO

From social media marketing to keyword research, there are plenty of things that can be done to increase the traffic and conversion rate of your website. While these aspects of SEO and brand promotion are important, the design of your website can mean the difference between success and failure. By designing your website in a […]

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Using Web Design to Maximize SEO Efficiency

Top 5 Things People Forget About Local SEO

Right now, Local SEO is the hot topic in internet marketing. As more consumers have mobile access to the internet and seek out the professional products and services that they need on the go, the market for local search is bigger than ever. In order to help you better understand local search and effective search […]

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How to Use Local SEO to Your Advantage

Minimize Click Fraud & Avoid Wasteful Spending

Since advertising has become an effective means of revenue for bloggers and website owners, there has been an increased amount of click fraud. Click fraud occurs when people intentionally follow your advertisements to bring in revenue for the hosting website. If you’re the owner of the pay per click advertisement, this can mean that a […]

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How to Save Money SEO

The Psychology of Search Engine Marketing

While it is easy to view each of your website visitors as a statistic, you should understand that each one is a person that arrived at your site through a unique psychological process. By getting inside the heads of your visitors, you can discover how to increase the potential of your SEM and pay-per-click marketing […]

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SEO Mind Trick in San Diego, CA