2015 Title Tag Guidelines

Title Tag Guide

Title tags are an important component of ranking websites in SERPs, and Google and other search engines are constantly changing the title tag requirements. To help you create your new title tags, Saba, Inc., a trusted San Diego search engine optimization company, shares some tips for converting your tags into the most useful snippets for user-friendly websites.

  • Know Your Character Limit

    Search engines truncate titles that exceed a certain length. For instance, Google shortens long title tags to a snippet containing an ellipsis. If you want the title tag that you created to appear in search results, keep your text around 50 to 60 characters.

  • Keep It Simple

    The most effective tags contain important words (or keywords) in a short format, such as ‘Starbucks coffee.’ If these powerful phrases are placed near the beginning of the title tag, then it helps the ranking of the search. A brief and concise title tag helps to secure a click.

  • Brand Your Title Tags

    Branding is useful in selecting title tags. For instance, in the example of ‘Starbucks coffee’ as a tag, the name of the company, Starbucks, is so well known that searchers often will use Starbucks as their only keyword. In the case of a local coffee shop, such as Dana’s Coffee, an ideal title tag stresses ‘coffee’ first and ‘Dana’s’ second. The difference lies in brand awareness of a nationally known company versus a known company of smaller repute.

  • Know Your Business Goals

    Positivity is important in constructing title tags, because the snippet is the first exposure to your brand from a new user’s search. Continuing our example, consider the emotional impact. If your object is to hang out with friends, the title tag ‘fun coffeehouse’ may generate a click, and if your goal is to study or work, ‘internet coffeehouse’ appeals to you.

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing

    Placing ‘coffee,’ ‘starbucks coffee,’ ‘Starbucks coffee,’ or ‘starbucks coffeehouse’ as title tags on multiple pages of a website may appear spammy to search engines. As with all search engine marketing techniques, it will be important to do extensive keyword research so you can diversify the title tags of your website.

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