What Will Google’s Top Ranking Factors Be in 2020?

Google’s Top Ranking Factors Be in 2020 in San Diego, CA

Google has never come out with an official ranking factor list—and they probably won’t do this for 2020, either. But some of the things Google emphasizes are known well enough to present this listing of the top ranking factors likely to be important in 2020 if you want to increase your online visibility. For even more detailed advice, reach out to the experienced SEO professionals from Saba SEO, one of the top digital marketing and SEO companies San Diego businesses rely on for unmatched expertise and high-quality service.

Image Optimization

Visual content is going to remain in demand in 2020. However, it won’t help you rank better if you don’t optimize your images so search engines can actually tell what they are. Key image-related ranking factors include:

• Alt text
• File name and title
• Image description

User Friendliness

Google now has a page layout algorithm that’s all about minimizing distractions and boosting user friendliness. Be careful about distracting ads and annoying pop-ups in 2020 if you don’t want to be penalized.

Site Structure

Flaws in site structure can make it difficult or even impossible for Google’s crawlers to check out your site correctly. You’ll have better odds of ranking well in 2020 if you pay attention to your site’s structure and make sure your sitemap is up to date.

Mobile Friendliness

Expect Google to continue to show love to mobile-friendly webpages in 2020, since the company already emphasizes how a site looks from a mobile perspective. But this doesn’t mean you have to abandon searchers coming to your site from desktop PCs. A popular solution is a responsive website design that allows your site to adapt to whatever screen it’s being viewed on.


The number of pages and domains linking to a website and link quality are the two big link-related Google ranking factors for 2020. If you focus on quality and relevance over quantity alone, you should be fine.

The use of keywords in URLs is a smaller ranking factor that could still be useful for optimization purposes in 2020. Country code top-level domains, keywords in title tags, and page categories are some of the other minor ranking factors that could still help searchers discover your content more easily on Google’s results pages in 2020.

Keeping up with Google’s ranking factors is one of the smartest things you can do in today’s online and mobile-centered marketplace. If you need help staying on top of Google trends to remain competitive, call on the SEO and digital marketing experts from Saba SEO, a premier provider of Internet marketing service San Diego companies have relied on for more than ten years. Call one of our SEO specialists today at 858-277-1717.