Creating a Successful SEO Strategy for 2021

How to Create a Successful SEO Strategy for 2021 in San Diego, CA

Whether you’re painting your house or just rearranging your living room furniture, you’ll be better off if you have a plan in place before you get to work. This advice also applies to all things related to search engine optimization. The experts at Saba SEO, an industry-leading San Diego SEO company businesses rely on for exceptional digital marketing expertise, offer some tips for putting together an effective SEO strategy in 2021.

Assess What You’re Already Doing SEO-Wise

WooRank, SEMrush’s Organic Research Tool, and SEO Site Checkup are some of the tools you can use to do an SEO audit to see where you stand right now with SEO. Google Analytics can also give you details about your conversion rates, bounce rates, and other key data you’ll need to know to determine where to focus your SEO efforts.

Check Out Your Competitors

SpyFu is one of the tools you can use to do an analysis of your main competitors’ SEO efforts. Look at things like primary keywords and pages that are getting the most traffic. Also, do a link analysis to see where their backlinks are coming from.

Define Your Own Goals

This part of the process involves identifying your key performance indicators (KPIs) and determining your top SEO goals. These two things are directly related. For instance, if getting more traffic to your site is a top goal, organic search would be one of your KPIs. This ultimately means strategies that boost your organic search results are ones you want to explore and implement.

Pick Your Keywords

Ahrefs and Google’s Keyword Planner are just two of the tools you can use to choose keywords likely to help you achieve your SEO goals. Strings of related terms (known as long-tail keywords) should also be part of your keyword mix in 2021. This is important because more people are using voice search now, and when they do, they tend to use more specific words rather than just single terms.

Get Your Website Ready

You’re not going to have an effective SEO strategy in 2021 if you neglect your website. A well-optimized website is one with:

• Convenient navigation features
• A mobile-friendly design
• A fast page load time
• Secure features—especially if you have an e-commerce site

Also, put the technical aspects of SEO on your to-do list for 2021. This includes things like title tags, meta descriptions, and sitemaps.

Produce or Curate Relevant, High-Quality Content

Content is still very much king in 2021. Content scheduling tools can help you produce a steady flow of fresh, relevant content. You can also curate content from trusted relevant sources for your social media pages and blog. SEO-friendly content in 2021 is content that’s:

• Easy to digest (e.g., short paragraphs, descriptive titles and subheads, bullet lists, etc.)
• A mix of word-based and visual content
• In line with what your target audience expects

Lastly, an effective SEO strategy in 2021 is one that’s not set in stone. Instead, make adjustments based on what you’re seeing with your stats. Also, customize Google Analytics reports so you’re getting performance data that’s relevant and important for you.

If you’re looking for ways to create an effective online marketing strategy and boost your rank, try these tips for your SEO. San Diego businesses and companies from all over the world rely on the experience and expertise of the professionals at Saba SEO to help them increase their rank, build their customer base, and grow revenue. For help with your SEO strategy, call one of our knowledgeable digital marketing specialists today at 858-277-1717.