Web Design Trends to Know in 2021

Amazing Web Design Trends 2021 in San Diego, CA

You always want your website to be on trend, just like your business. Design is part of the entire user experience. Trends follow what interests and captivates customers. These lead to people staying on your site longer and, ultimately, more sales. Here are some amazing web design trends you should keep in mind in 2021, brought to you by the experienced San Diego web design experts from Saba SEO.


Fonts are no longer basic. In fact, retro futuristic fonts are currently on trend. Try using fonts with a retro feel to modernize your site.

Dark Mode

You’ve seen it on social media. Now try it on your website. Dark mode is a trend that’s very 2021.

Muted Colors

Including muted colors like pastels will give your site a modern look. Muted colors are easier on the eyes and have a more organic feel.

Grainy Parts

Along with the muted color trend is the move toward using grainy texture. Grainy parts add a creative look to your site. They can enhance certain parts of your website by not looking so slick.


Going colorless is also a trend. We’re living in a busy, noisy world, and white induces calm and evokes trust. More white on your page also means the text has to be concise.

Custom Cursors

Adding a custom cursor gives the customer something a bit surprising and fun. For example, you can customize the cursor to be bigger when it hovers over some very important text.


Have you ever thought about adding cartoon illustrations to your site? These customized avatars can highlight text, create a persona, and add fun.


Adding geometric grids is another way to organize your content and make it easier for the user. If your business has a few different components, this is a way to separate them and allow a customer to dive deep into one area.

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