6 Website Design Steps to Follow Next Year

A Website Design Checklist To Follow In 2021 in San Diego, CA

Whether you’re creating your website on your own or you’ve hired a web design specialist, you need to create a checklist to make sure everything is completed. Here’s a six-step website design checklist to follow in 2022, brought to you by the experienced San Diego web design experts from Saba SEO.

1. Domain Name & Website Setup

Before you make any marketing decisions, always register your domain name and set up website hosting. This should be done at the same time, as some hosts offer packages where you can register your domain along with hosting.

2. Visuals

The visual parts of your website give a potential customer an instant understanding about your business. Your choices of fonts and branded colors create an instant impression. Choose those wisely. Also, get a professional logo made. This will include and complement your fonts and branded colors.

3. Website Elements

What sorts of information do you need to include in your website? Gather up everything you want to include in your site. Next, create or gather images and infographics to include on your website, including banners and headers. Lastly, begin creating videos. You’ll be including them on your website and in your social media.

4. Structure

Now that you know what you need to include, create your website layout and structure.

5. Technical Matters

You’ve gathered all of the essentials. Now is the time to install WordPress. After it’s installed, install your theme. Insert photos, maps, and text into your site. You’ll also want to include SEO plugins as well as other plugins related to your business.

6. Test Drive

How does your website look on a variety of devices? This is the time to test drive your site and pretend you’re a new customer. How easy is it to navigate your site? Is the site speed as good on your mobile device as it is on a laptop? Can you easily find items? Most of all, how easy is it to purchase items?

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