3 Tired Web Design Trends that Marketers Should Retire

Outdated Web Design Trends

Marketing a product or service is largely done through the websites connected to that business, and the user experience associated with that online marketing. Despite the fact that most innovative web design tactics truly make a website stand out, there are some that seem to take a toll on the user experience rather than bettering it.

As a trusted San Diego web design and development company, we wanted to share three web design trends that are outdated, do not contribute to the viewing of a site, and quite frankly, should be retired!


No one likes having their website browsing interrupted by a pop-up offering the option to subscribe to a blog or newsletter. Pop-ups often make the loading time of a website longer, which can impact overall customer experience, even forcing a customer to go to another website or competitor.

Another problem is that marketers have tried to make pop-ups clever, enticing the reader to enter their email to subscribe or become a member. Unfortunately, “clever” is in the eye of the beholder. For instance, a pop-up that says “No thanks, I like missing out,” might have seemed like a great idea to a marketer (it’s been done before), but to a customer could come across as rude, possibly offensive. It’s important to focus on the message your website presents, whether it’s on a pop-up or not.

Auto-Play Videos

A video that starts playing without the user clicking a button does nothing but ambush the user with sound. If someone wants to watch a video, they should be able to decide when they would like to view it. And because of the ever-increasing popularity of mobile searches, it’s also important to keep the mobile user in mind. Many mobile plans charge individuals based on data and usage. If you have an auto-play video on your website, you are increasing the chance that the user will hit the back button as soon as the video begins to play to avoid incurring a high charge. The result? They won’t even bother browsing your website.

Separate Mobile Sites

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for a business to have two sites – one for desktop users and one for mobile users. Today, it’s a better practice to create a website that has a responsive design, allowing it to fit itself to any sized device. This will help to ensure that a prospective customer has access to all of the important information that you are offering and will also help to enhance user experience, which can help you achieve a higher ranking in organic search results.

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