5 Easy Strategies that Will Help Turn Clients into Brand Ambassadors

Marketing for Ambassadors in San Diego, CA

Brand ambassadors are people who are genuine advocates of your Company and will go out of their way to recommend and promote your products or services. They are customers who don’t tire of praising your product, just like the Apple fans who don’t tire of singing praises of the iPhone. In this article — brought to you by Saba SEO, a San Diego SEO Company, we will discuss 5 easy strategies that can help you turn customers to brand ambassadors.

While dazzling marketing campaigns with top celebrity brand ambassadors advocating a product will make people sit up and take notice, the most powerful driver of sales remains a recommendation from a brand ambassador who people can relate to. Nothing is more powerful than a recommendation from a friend or a person who is as real as you and whom you trust. Many companies are now realizing that these ‘voluntary’ brand ambassadors wield a lot of power and looking for ways to utilize them. Check out this great article on “Why Brand Ambassadors Are Important.” So how do you turn clients into brand ambassadors?

1. Respond to clients who talks about you

Separate the wheat from the chaff. Just because someone bought from you and likes your page on social media doesn’t mean he or she can be your brand ambassador. Find the clients who are engaging with others and willing to recommend your product. You can monitor social media to track the people who mention your product and respond to them. Listen to what they are saying and use that information to reach out to them and build a rapport.

2. Give Them Special Treatment

Take the clients who love your product and are willing to praise it and make them feel special. You can reward them in various ways, especially by making them feel like they are ‘insiders.’ Foster a group of brand ambassadors who get to test your products or who get a sneak peak of a new highly anticipated product and then let them tell everyone.

3. Surprise Your Clients

How do you do that? By giving them a discount on a product or by giving them a free dessert with their meal. By sending them a sample or even just by sending them a thank you note you will generate upbeat conversation around your product.

4. Declare and Let Them Share

If you are a happening brand with plenty of marketing action and a social media site that is updated frequently with product pictures, giveaways and contests, you make it easier for your brand ambassadors –who we all know love to talk about you –to share their love for your brand. Make sharing on Facebook or Twitter incredibly easy and hassle-free. Need help with Social Media Marketing? Consider hiring a professional firm.

5. Personalize Your Customer’s Experience

A personalized service will work more for product sales than a sales pitch. Train your salespeople to be polite and to add a personal touch to everything and you will gain customers who can vouch for you.

Of course, the upshot is to offer your customers such a fantastic product – one that screams quality – so they cannot help, but turn into brand ambassadors. While all of these strategies can help you turn clients to loyal brand ambassadors, don’t forget that nothing is more important than delivering a high quality product or service and backing it up by exceptional customer service. If you don’t have the right experience or resources needed to reach out to potential brand ambassadors, it’s highly recommended that you seek professional help such as a PR company.