Digital Marketing during Inflation: How to Adapt & Thrive

How Digital Marketers Should Adapt To Rising Inflation in San Diego, CA

Inflation impacts everyone, including digital marketers. More specifically, it’s the changes in consumer habits that can affect the way online searchers prefer to interact with their favorite brands—or any business, for that matter. While this is a reason to be concerned, there are ways digital marketers can adapt to rising inflation. The experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading digital marketing companies in San Diego, offer a few tips that can help.

Fill Competitors’ Gaps

Discover what your competitors are doing to target the same audience right now. Look for any signs they may be cutting back on certain aspects of their digital marketing. This gives you an opportunity to fill gaps temporarily created by your competitors’ efforts to cut costs.

Keep Track of Customer Behaviors

As long as you’re diving into data, see what’s going on with your own customers. Pay attention to any shifts in patterns related to product or service preferences. If you notice consistent shifts, adjust your digital marketing efforts to fit those patterns by:

• Promoting savings opportunities more
• Putting the spotlight on your more affordable items
• Offering customer loyalty perks
• Adjusting content to place more of an emphasis on long-term benefits and value

Focus on Your Target Audience

When inflation is a top concern, it’s not a good idea to waste time and money targeting online searchers who aren’t likely to be responsive to what you have to offer. Get more out of your digital marketing efforts by focusing more on your target audience. This can be done with:

• Customized Google Analytics reports
• More specific email segmentation
• Adjustments to pricing and promotional strategies
• Careful monitoring of online pattern and trends

Make Remarketing a Priority

Remarketing is a cost-effective way to market to online searchers who’ve already shown an interest in what you have to offer. It’s often easier to convince people who are already familiar with your site and your business to take the next step and complete a purchase. This can be done by:

• Reaching out to customers who didn’t complete purchases
• Offering added incentives to visit your site again
• Running multichannel retargeting and remarketing campaigns

Finally, don’t automatically assume inflation is the main reason you may be seeing a dip in conversions and other key performance indicators. It’s still important to fully explore your stats so any other possible issues can be addressed. This may involve adjustments to your keywords and content as well as other SEO-related factors.

If you need help optimizing your digital marketing efforts during changing economic conditions, turn to Saba SEO. Our experts can help you develop a marketing strategy for your business that’s sure to boost your online presence. For 20 years, we’ve helped organizations all over the world increase their search engine rankings and develop strong brand images. We also offer industry-leading social media management, SEO, PPC, web development, and SEO services. San Diego businesses should reach out to one of our digital marketing experts today.