Social Media Changes to Implement During COVID-19

Social Media Tweaks To Make In A Coronavirus World in San Diego, CA

Using social media effectively is difficult in the best of times. However, during COVID-19, you need to make some small pivots to relate to what your customers want. This is also an opportunity to show what sort of business you have. The social media experts at Saba SEO, a premier marketing, web development, and SEO company in San Diego, suggest making these essential social media tweaks in a coronavirus world.

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

What are your customers doing right now? Could your product provide comfort or perhaps even a welcome distraction from COVID-19? Consider sharing demonstration videos, Facebook Live chats, or Twitter parties. This is an opportunity to engage with your customers, and it also may offer you an opportunity to get to know those customers a bit better.

Create New Perks & Offers

Consider offering some new perks or offers during this time. This can include some unexpected discounts or free shipping. Little perks like these will mean a lot to customers. Later, they’ll remember you were there through this difficult time and reward you with their loyalty.

Use Storytelling

Creating stories and scenarios your customers can currently relate to will keep them loyal. Social media offers several opportunities to share a branded vision. Create a series of posts that will offer customers value. Showing how your products and services are useful now is one way to go. Another is to remind people that one day life will be normal. Either way, find a way to connect your customers to your story.

Double-Check Posts

Make sure to check every post that goes out. You don’t want to inadvertently post something that can be misconstrued as insensitive.

Update Ads

Updating your advertisements is important. Keywords can change, and needs can shift. Everything around the coronavirus quarantine can be fluid. Make sure your advertisements reflect the latest trends. 

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