7 Reasons to Use PPC Advertising

Benefits Of Using PPC Advertising in San Diego, CA

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a more direct way to get the message out about your business or specific products or services. But if you’re not yet using PPC advertising for business-related purposes, you may not be fully aware of what you could be missing out on. The San Diego SEO specialists at Saba SEO explain seven of the top benefits of using pay-per-click advertising.

1. You’re Only Charged for Clicks

PPC doesn’t go by impressions, which refers to views of your ad. Instead, you only pay when a searcher viewing your ad is interested enough to actually click it. A click doesn’t always lead to a conversion. Still, it’s often easier to convince someone with some degree of interest to convert with the right landing page content.

2. PPC Fits into Many Parts of the Sales Funnel

PPC advertising isn’t just for conversions. There are many business goals that can be met with the right approach to running a PPC campaign. Possibilities include:

• Boosting brand awareness
• Creating product/service interest
• Increasing engagement with your website or business

3. It’s Easily Trackable

Another appealing benefit of PPC advertising is the way you keep track of the results for each ad or campaign. For instance, if you use Google Ads for PPC, you can integrate your ad results into Google Analytics. With PPC ads, key stats that can be tracked include:

• Impressions and clicks
• Conversions
• Keyword performance for the main terms associated with your ads

On a related note, the data you gather from your PPC campaigns can be used to fine-tune your other online marketing efforts. With keywords, PPC data can show you which ones are resonating most with your target audience.

4. You Can See What Your Competitors Are Doing PPC-Wise

Unless you have a truly unique niche, odds are good there are other businesses out there targeting the same online searchers with paid ads. Fortunately, with PPC advertising, you can check up on your competitors to see what kind of ads they’re running to get a better idea of how to target the same audience.

Tools that can help you do this include:

• Auction Insights via Google Ads
• SpyFu
• KeywordSpy
• SEMrush

5. PPC Gives You a Lot of Control

With standard advertising, you typically pay for your ad to run for a specific period of time regardless of how effective it happens to be. But with PPC ads, you’ll have control over several factors, including when and where your ads are seen. You can also suspend ads if you’re not hitting your goals. On the flip side, you can scale things up if you’re getting results that are better than expected.

6. PPC Ads Come with Useful Ad Extensions

Google gives you an assortment of ad extensions that can be included with your various PPC ads to further align them with your goals. For instance, there’s a call extension that can be used to include a phone number to give online searchers an incentive to contact your business directly.

7. PPC Works Great for Remarketing Campaigns

Paid ads can also give you even more return for your investment if you use them to target searchers who’ve already shown some interest in what you have to offer. For example, PPC data can be used to show ads to website visitors who browsed or even added things to their carts without completing purchases.

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