3 Key Benefits of AdWords vs. Organic SEO

PPC Benefits over SEO

While organic SEO for San Diego businesses has a number of benefits associated with it, Google pay-per-click ads have a number of advantages that may give you better results than organic results could ever hope to provide. Let’s take a brief look at the 3 key benefits AdWords holds over organic SEO.

  1. More Efficient Clicks

    Business is about how efficiently you can persuade your customers to enjoy the solutions you publish, which means that advertising efficiency is essential to ensuring that you make the most out of what you have.

    To that end, AdWords converts 1.5 times as many visitors into customers as organic SEO. This means that your PPC efforts may return better results than what organic SEO alone could achieve when you have optimized PPC campaigns.

  1. AdWords Provides Quick Results

    Time is another valuable resource that businesses must manage correctly to maximize their profits. That’s why waiting for months or even years for the results of organic SEO to be seen may be unfeasible for some businesses.

    AdWords campaigns, on the other hand, can be started and published on the same day. This can allow you to see the results of your pay-per-click campaigns almost immediately, which in turn allows you to begin refining them for efficiency at a rapid pace.

  2. A Source of Unique Traffic

    AdWords ads bring in a unique form of traffic. One study concluded that websites can increase their traffic by an average of 89% simply by opting to use paid ads like AdWords.

    The study was conducted by pausing ads from brands that had organic search results on the same results pages. Even if the brand owned the first organic result, the amount of traffic decreased, which in turn means that AdWords ads can bring a substantial increase to your traffic over organic SEO.

AdWords vs. Organic SEO: The Choice is Clear

While organic SEO should be a part of any website’s marketing campaign, it’s clear that AdWords ads can provide a significant number of advantages that are well worth the time and money that they require. The increased conversion efficiency, fast results and heightened amount of traffic stand at the three key benefits that websites can derive from AdWords.

The final verdict, however, is that both organic SEO and AdWords traffic should be used in combination for the best results. They offer solutions to acquiring different types of visitors over different periods of time and can supplement one another when used properly. To learn which marketing option is best for you, reach out to Saba today and speak with one of our San Diego internet marketing experts – 858-277-1717.