How Amazon’s New Home Services Could Affect SEO

The Effect of Amazon Home Services on SEO

If you have been keeping up with marketing news, you may have heard that Amazon has launched a new marketplace for local businesses called Amazon Home Services. In brief, this new service allows consumers to order and schedule services ranging from plumbing to interior design. Beyond sounding like an easy fix for everyday tasks, leading San Diego SEM companies think Amazon Home Services may have several positive effects on your SEO efforts.

Web Content Marketing

For home services, the traditional way of driving sales was to use search engine marketing or physical advertisements. While these still have a large role to play, Amazon Home Services will provide you with another means of selling your services. Since Amazon is one of the most visited websites on the internet, a link back to your site will play a large role in improving your search engine rank. This will help you gain a larger readership and direct sales.


Amazon Home Services will provide you with a highly credible platform for reviews. Customers will be able to review your services through Amazon’s established review system. If you provide good services, this may drive local sales to your company in the future. This also offers you an opportunity to positively engage your customers by allowing you to address any of their issues. This can turn negative reviews into a win for your company. Having reviews on Amazon also increases the chance of your business appearing high in search results.


Since local businesses must apply and be checked by Amazon before using the Home Services platform to sell services, essentially all companies on Amazon are deemed credible. This can increase customers’ trust in your company and drive sales. Along with building your brand among people in your local community, Amazon’s credibility ranking for you may go on to improve your credibility with Google. In turn, this could increase sales that come from organic searches.

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