How to Use PPC to Amplify Your Brand

Using PPC to Amplify Your Brand in San Diego, CA

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a direct way to present your products and services to people who may be interested in what you have to offer. However, if you only associate PPC with the final stage of the purchase funnel, you’re missing out on an opportunity to amplify your brand. When used effectively, PPC can offer something related to your brand that’s appealing for everyone, regardless of what stage they happen to be at in the buying cycle. San Diego PPC management professionals share a few tips on how to amplify your brand using PPC.

Use Sitelink Extensions to Your Advantage

The sitelink extensions that appear below your PPC ads won’t do your brand any favors if they’re just a random mix. A more effective tactic is to organize your sitelinks by customer needs or stages of interest. For example, you may have a link to “new arrivals” for customers who want to know about your latest offerings, “start shopping” for searchers ready to purchase, and offers (e.g. “10 percent off for first-time customers”) to encourage purchases.

Bonus Tip: To humanize your brand, include one sitelink back to a page on your site that showcases your community involvement or how you give back to customers.

Provide Multiple Contact Options

Local search conversions happen within about five hours from the time the search takes place. If your brand has a local presence or you’re targeting specific geographical areas, include local and call extensions within your ad along with your store’s location. You can also use your ad to provide coupon codes and other incentives for a click back to your site.

Bid on Long-Tail Keyword Terms for Indirect Brand Terms

If you’re doing PPC right, your brand may show up when people specifically search for what you have to offer. You can further amplify your brand by bidding on long-term keyword terms to attract searchers looking for answers to questions related to your products or services (e.g. “When do I need to change my oil?”). If you’re answering general user queries, people may view your brand as a trusted source of information.

Make PPC Part of Your PR and SEO Efforts

Broad match bidding allows you to search for trends you can work into your PPC ads so you can tap into what’s most relevant to searchers. The same info can help your brand’s PR team identify any troubling brand-related trends that may need to be addressed through PR efforts.

Help your SEO team by promoting some of their content in your ads. For instance, if your website has a calculator that can estimate new hardwood flooring costs, create an ad with the headline “See how much you can save on your new hardwood floor from ABC Floors with this handy calculator” and a link to the page with the calculator.

Remarket with PPC Ads

Don’t just target new customers with your PPC ads. Reach out to people who have purchased with ads before with lines like “Time to Get More Socks?” to remarket to previous customers.

Time Your Ads to What Competitors Are Doing

Pay attention to anything new that’s being promoted by your competitors or any big announcements. Run ads with your unique selling points to let searchers know you have something equally compelling to offer. A lot of smartphone companies or providers use this strategy every time Apple announces a new iPhone, but you can apply the same concept to your brand.

PPC isn’t going to be effective for your brand if you don’t have an equally powerful marketing strategy in place first. Try figuring out what people think about your brand. Determine how you want your brand to be perceived, and adjust your PPC strategy to fit those expectations and goals with relevant, useful ad content.

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