Essential Tips to Avoid Google Penalties

Avoid Google Penalties with New Updates

The first thing to do is get to know Google Penguin and Panda. They were created to keep bad kids off the playground. But we assume you’re not playing that game. In any case, even good kids need to know Google’s SEO rules.

Don’t write articles for SEO only.

Spam isn’t the only thing Google can identify. Their algorithms can snuff out most silliness. Just write good content your customers would be grateful to see.

Don’t link to articles unless you mean it.

You may want to get affiliate income. But does is it a match your market? Google may or may not know. Relevance will get you on or off PageRank. Integrity matters. Relevance ranks.

Somehow, Google knows if you’re a legitimate site.

A physical address, an 800 number, a Facebook or LinkedIn page all tell a story that Google web crawlers identify and carry back to their indexers. And the better you tell truthful and real stories, the better you rank.

Go for social media.

Audience building is not just about getting fans who don’t have a budget to buy. Google also rewards those who don’t yet do PPC. If you create sharable content for various social media platforms, you’ll not only avoid penalties, you’ll be rewarded with better page rank.

But don’t spam social signals.

Old school SEO created false backlinks. New school bullies create false tweets, Facebook likes, and hire Yelpers to tell people they’ve had a great experience they’ve never actually had. There are other sources of fake social media. Don’t fall for them. Google is getting better at identifying them, and the price for fake free advertising is growing.

Here is the message in a nutshell:

Do what you already do. Be honest, act with integrity, and tell your story. That’s what your prospective customers what to hear, and it’s what your current clients already know.

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