Bad SEO Practices That Do More Harm Than Good

SEO Implementations That Will Harm Your Business in San Diego, CA

Search engine optimization is essential for building a robust business, especially if the majority of your market is selling products or services online. This, however, does not mean that all SEO is guaranteed to be good for your business. The wrong tactics and a number of common oversights could cause SEO to harm–rather than help–your growing organization.

Overlooking the Need for Reputation Management

When SEO works like it should, it is guaranteed to garner more traffic and attention for your business. Unfortunately, this attention can be both positive and negative. Consumers currently have a tremendous amount of power when it comes to shaping online opinions and thus, visible companies have to take a proactive stance on protecting their commercial images. Being proactive about reputation management is far better than simply issuing reactive responses to unexpected and even unwarranted attacks. When you work with a full-service SEO firm in San Diego, your provider will work diligently to ensure that your company image is virtually impervious to negative online attention.

Using “Set-It-and-Forget-It” SEO Solutions

SEO is an ongoing and ever-evolving process, especially when it’s done right. It is meant to remain in a near-constant state of flux given the way in which the web is being accessed and used is constantly evolving and changing. If you aren’t regularly investing time and energy into devising and implementing strategies that are relevant to the latest technical developments, SEO is probably causing more harm than good. Your on-site content must expand and evolve and link-building strategies should change each time algorithm updates are made or the related link-building platforms go down. In addition to establishing new, organic links from time to time, you also have to make regular efforts to clean up your existing link profile by disavowing dead links and making other necessary omissions.

Outdated Optimization Methods

There was a time when keywords were all the rage. Sadly, however, overuse of key terms have made major search engines far more stringent concerning how these optimization tools are used. Many companies that are still managing their own SEO in-house have not fully recognized the dramatic changes that have and continue to occur in this area. If you’re still structuring your SEO around keywords alone, these efforts are definitely harming your business and its online presence. With everyone taking a much greater focus on providing web users with optimal value, you must push your business to source or create truly informative content, rather than making keyword density a top priority.

Technical Problems

Having a reputable San Diego online marketing agency manage these efforts is often the best way to identify and resolve technical issues that might otherwise go overlooked. Making sure that pages are properly coded is vital for achieving an optimal level of overall site fitness and for ensuring your pages are quick to load. Optimization experts can also make sure that all of your pages are both accessible and viable on a variety of viewing devices. Companies who have websites that are not smartphone and tablet-friendly are likely getting knocked by Google. Moreover, these are two areas in which negligence or oversight can prevent you from ever achieving a desirable page rank.

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