How to Find a Balance Between Technical SEO and Content Marketing

How to Balance Technical SEO with Content Marketing in San Diego, CA

When it comes to search engine optimization, content is often regarded as the king. However, there are technical aspects of SEO such as site structure and proper use of meta details that are equally important in boosting online visibility. Realistically, you can’t have one without the other. Experts at Saba SEO, a leading provider of SEO in San Diego, share a few ideas on how to strike a balance between search engine optimization and content marketing.

What Problems Are You Trying to Solve?

If you have a general idea of what’s wrong with your vehicle, you’re likely to get better results when you take it for repairs. The same concept applies to your online performance issues. Determine whether you need to look at technical SEO issues or your content marketing strategy by having a good idea of what problems need to be fixed. Here are some of the most common technical and content issues likely to occur:

  • Lackluster site-wide rankings – The issue occurs when there are underlying technical SEO issues that need to be resolved
  • Specific pages are underperforming – Certain webpages underperform when there’s a disconnect with what searchers expect and what is actually on your landing pages, so some content fine-tuning is needed here
  • Internal cannibalization – This typically means multiple pages are ranking for the same keyword, and a common solution is to adjust content so keywords are used differently
  • Product pages with multiple options not ranking – If product pages with multiple choices aren’t ranking, it’s usually a technical issue contributing to insufficient crawling
  • Single page accessible by multiple URLs – As one of the most common technical issues, this problem can be corrected with canonical tags that tell search engine crawlers what to pay attention to

What Have You Done to Your Site Previously?

Results seen with technical SEO and content marketing may depend on what was already done with your site. For instance, a website with a history of technical issues won’t automatically shoot to the top spot on Google. With content, just as many issues can come into play, such as the quality of the content previously presented.

What Will Give You Faster Results?

Focusing on all of the technical aspects of SEO may get you faster results. However, it will still take some time for search engine crawlers to notice, especially if your site hasn’t been regularly crawled in the past. The same rule is applicable for content marketing. Making adjustments to your keyword strategy and producing fresh, relevant content can attract more attention, but not overnight. You’ll likely see results within a reasonable period of time if:

  • You have a solid technical SEO structure in place (e.g. good site navigation, an updated sitemap, reasonable page load speeds)
  • Your content marketing efforts include consistent messaging across multiple points of contact (e.g. mobile, webpages, social pages, paid ads, organic results)
  • You know exactly who your target audience is

What’s a Good Rule of Thumb with Technical SEO/Content Balance?

Think of SEO as a house. The technical aspects of search engine optimization serve as the foundation of your online marketing efforts. After all, what’s the point of having amazing paid ads if clickers are directed to a website that’s difficult to navigate or pages that take forever to load? The main floors are everything included with content marketing. The attic is off-site SEO that involves things like external links leading back to your site from relevant, trusted sources.

When you reach a certain point where your technical SEO bases are covered and your content is appealing to your intended audience, this doesn’t mean the balance can’t shift over time. Keep checking your stats and reports to get a better idea of what needs attention at any given moment. If you catch the little things early enough, you’re less likely to be stressing over performance and revenue woes later.

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