Digital Marketing 101: Banner Ad Best Practices

Marketing Mistakes for Business in San Diego, CA

Banner ads are an incredibly common form of internet advertising. Many businesses find that they are a cost effective way to drive website traffic and hopefully increase revenue. However, this approach isn’t without its downfalls. By keeping in mind these helpful tips, you can ensure that your ads are generating results and your desired ROI.

1. Know Your Audience

In order for your ads to be effective, they need to appeal to the community that will actually be purchasing your products. Advertising on forums is a good place to start because people browsing a photography forum, for instance, are likely to be interested in buying photo gear.

2. Less Is More

Consumers have been seeing banner ads for years on the web and have become adept at adverting their gaze from ads that they find unattractive or intrusive. Online marketing companies in San Diego suggest a sleek, minimal presentation and clear, concise text. Never put more than one banner on a page, as it can overwhelm readers.

3. Rotate Advertisements Often

While you may initially see positive results from a banner campaign, it is unwise to assume that this boost in traffic will always return the same results. Eventually, this boost will begin to sag and you will be back where you started. In order to avoid this, have a solid rotation of ads that change by week or month.

4. Experiment

Banner ads are a relatively cheap form of advertising, and you should use this to your advantage to run experiments and improve your bottom line. By a/b testing different ad formats and placements, you can get an idea of what is most effective. There is truth in data.

5. Match the Style of the Website You Are Advertising On

If your graphics are unappealing or don’t match the native content on the website, customers will be repelled. A bright orange box on a refined white and gray page might catch the eye, but it won’t necessarily entice customers to click on it.

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