Do Video Ads Have Advantages Over Traditional Banner Ads?

Video Ads vs Traditional Banners Which Is Better in San Diego, CA

Advertising your product or service can be a challenge. One of the biggest questions you may have is whether to create a video ad or go with a traditional banner. Which is better? The experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading online marketing companies in San Diego, provide a comparison below.

Video Ads Help Customers Understand Your Product

While a traditional banner may give customers a peek into your product, a video ad offers a deep dive. A video ad will show customers all the facets of your product. By the time they finish watching the video, most of their questions will be answered. Even the best copy won’t come close to what video will show. Moreover, customers’ objections will be overcome. When they click through to your website, they’re getting ready to put products in their shopping carts.

Video Is Better on Mobile Devices

Customers on their smartphones may pass over a traditional banner due to size. However, they’ll likely stop to watch a video.

Video Works with Social Media

Social media is more successful with high-quality photos. Video takes it up a notch. A video ad will stop the mindless scrolling and get the customer to focus on you.

You Can Grow Your Audience

You’ve been using traditional banner ads for years. A video ad will attract a new audience. This will help you grow your business and expand your reach.

Video Is More Costly

A banner ad will be considerably less costly from the start, but you’ll need to use best SEO practices to get the customer to hit the buy button. With a video ad, the cost is all up front. However, the end result could mean a lot less effort to get that customer to purchase your product.

Customers Will Remember You

Customers will remember your video ad more than they’ll ever remember your banner ad.

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