Essential Elements of SEO

An Overview of SEO in San Diego, CA

Your digital marketing strategy won’t be successful without SEO (search engine optimization). These are the important details that make your website rank higher than your competitors’ sites. Google is the biggest search engine. Their goal is to create the ultimate knowledge base, and they’ve determined the details that will make your site rank higher. The SEO experts from Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego, explain some of the most important keys to your SEO success


Content is key to your digital marketing strategy. Good information will make customers return to your site because they see it as a comprehensive and reliable source. This means you regularly post content. If your website or social media channel stays dormant, this indicates to Google that you’re no longer doing business. Also, your content needs to be free of errors in grammar and spelling. Lastly, posting content that’s at least 400 words long is also important. Ideally, you should publish some longer pieces of content that are 1,000 or more words in length.

Internal Links

Google will rank a site higher when they see viewers are on the site for longer periods. How do you achieve this? By creating internal links. Internal links share links to other articles on a website. Customers may have questions or need more details, and a separate post may have that information. The longer you keep answering questions with your content, the longer a user will stay on your site.

High-Quality Backlinks

A link from a trusted site such as an industry authority or a publication can strengthen your SEO ranking. When another site looks to yours as the locus of expertise, this is gold.


When customers search for a product or service, they’ll type in keywords. You need to know what those keywords are and post content that contains those keywords. However, you should only feature one or two keywords in an article, and you shouldn’t have multiple posts with the same keyword. That’s confusing to Google.

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