A Basic Overview of Paid Search

Basic PPC Guide

Paid search, also know as pay per click (PPC), is a common advertising model used throughout the online market. In contrast with methods that pay websites for simply hosting ads, paid search only requires payments to websites when visitors click on the advertisement and visit the advertiser’s website. This advertising model offers a large range of benefits to the advertiser.

Low Financial Risk

Since websites are only paid when visitors go to the advertiser’s website, the advertiser does not pay for ads that do not attract attention. Instead, the ads that are paid for all have the potential to increase sales or drive traffic. In most cases, a single sale can offset the cost of hundreds of clicks, so the financial risk is very low for the paid search model, so long as the account is set up correctly.

Brand Recognition

The presence of your website in search results is enough to increase brand recognition. However, it is important that your website has high-quality content and only opens in a visitor’s browser as a result of them clicking the advertisement. Pop-ups and invasive advertisements are frowned upon by most internet users, so using such methods can have a negative effect on your brand. Paid search advertising also promotes your brand simply by being on a webpage. Even if they are rarely clicked, your advertisements can leave an impression on visitors and they may recognize your business’ brand in the future.

Established Advertising Networks

There are many established advertising networks that you can become a part of to spread your brand across the internet. Google AdWords is the largest network and will spread your paid search advertisements across all sites that are linked with Google AdSense, a common source of revenue for bloggers and website owners. With high-quality content and honest ads, you can drive traffic to your site and profit greatly from sales.

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