4 Reasons You Should Try Guest Podcasting

4 Reasons to Consider Guest Podcasting in San Diego, CA

Guest posting is a great way to build links and expand your audience, but it’s not always the perfect strategy. If you already blog regularly, guest posting doesn’t give you much opportunity to create fresh content that will reach an entirely new audience. Instead, you could try guest podcasting. It might seem overwhelming to dive into a different medium, but guest podcasting can be very beneficial to your marketing strategy. The experts at Saba SEO, a leading SEO company in San Diego, share a few reasons you should try guest podcasting.

1. Reach a Different Audience Than Blogging

While guest blogging can attract new visitors to your site, it may not help you create a diverse audience. All of your visitors will be people who enjoy reading blogs. If you appear on a podcast, you’ll reach a new demographic. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and they tend to develop a more loyal following than blogs.

2. Build Trust

Podcasts usually require more time, effort, and equipment to produce than blog posts, so there’s more competition for guest spots. If you’re offered a guest blogging spot on a high-traffic website, your audience may not care. Being featured in a podcast seems like a bigger honor. When another site recognizes your expertise by inviting you onto their podcast, your audience may start trusting your knowledge as well.

3. Save the Hassle of Regular Podcasts

Hosting a podcast can be hard work, but appearing as a guest is fairly simple. You should plan what you’ll talk about and leave everything else to the host. You don’t have to worry about equipment, marketing, editing, or any other aspect of production besides answering the host’s questions. As a guest, it may be faster and easier than writing an elaborate blog post.

4. Keep the Listeners Engaged

Viewers often click away from blogs, infographics, and other visual content before reaching the end. They skim through to see if they’re interested, but they miss out on the key points that would draw them in. However, they are more likely to make it to the end of a podcast than to the conclusion of a blog post. Your audience can’t skim through a podcast the way they can with a blog post, and they can also multitask while listening. Podcasting is an excellent medium to attract a large and engaged audience.

Guest podcasting is just one of the many branding strategies you should consider. If you need help creating a comprehensive marketing plan for your business, turn to Saba SEO, a San Diego SEO agency you can trust. From search engine optimization to video production, we offer a wide variety of services to help our clients reach out to new audience and expand their customer base. Our experts utilize several white hat tactics to improve your brand appeal and boost your online visibility. To create a customized internet marketing plan for your business, give us a call at 858-951-1717 today.