Mobile Website vs. Mobile App: Which Is Better?

Which Is Better Mobile Website or Mobile App in San Diego, CA

Mobile apps are convenient and easily accessible, which is why more than half of all smartphone and tablet users spend most of their time using apps. Of course, this doesn’t mean websites are useless. A well-designed website can be a great asset for any business. However, if you’re looking to get the most return on your investment, a mobile app can be a smart and rewarding choice. The experts at Saba SEO, an industry-leading mobile SEO and web design company in San Diego, offer a few reasons a mobile app may be the right option for you.

Profit Potential

Mobile apps can be set up in a way that allows people to easily make purchases or submit orders for your business’s products or services. This is an especially beneficial option when someone who’s looking for what you happen to offer is ready to take action. For example, Domino’s Pizza now receives more than half of its orders through its mobile app.

Push Notifications

Your website can’t reach out to searchers and say, “Hey, come visit me now! There’s a great deal you need to know about!” But your mobile app can do this if you use push notifications, which can be sent at any time to your app’s users to:

• Encourage customers to come back and check out your app if they haven’t been active in a while
• Send alerts about new deals or discounts
• Distribute coupons or promo codes
• Send reminders about purchases that have yet to be completed (e.g., abandoned carts)

Customer Service Perks

More than a billion people worldwide have mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times, which means it’s easier to be more attentive to your customers’ needs with a mobile app than with your website, even if it’s optimized for mobile viewing and use. Customer service options via mobile apps can include:

• Direct access to live chat capabilities with an in-app messaging tool
• In-app native FAQs that address common customer questions
• An automatic follow-up system to ensure all customers needing assistance are tended to in a timely manner
• Collection of basic customer info so a live person doesn’t need to ask for this info before addressing a customer’s concern

Sure, you can go with a Web-based app that’s accessible from your website, but mobile apps are better at processing user info. Plus, mobile applications store data locally on users’ phones, which means they’re often faster to access than websites. Keep in mind that a delay of just 2–3 seconds keeps some customers from completing purchases or placing orders.

If you need help creating a winning mobile app for your business, reach out to the experienced professionals at Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO agency. We’ve worked with businesses all over the world to develop innovative, state-of-the-art websites, PPC campaigns, SEO strategies, and mobile SEO designs. To get started on your mobile app, call one of our specialists today at 858-277-1717.