Should I Use Google Ads or SEO?

What do you need SEO or Google Ads in San Diego, CA

If you’re looking to increase your website traffic, you have various options to consider, but the most effective strategy will always be search engine optimization. Within the realm of SEO, there are various methods and techniques to help you achieve higher ranking on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). You have to understand that Internet users have come to trust Google as their best guide to finding what they’re looking for online, particularly if it appears toward the top of the first SERP. To get there, you can choose between organic SEO and paid search marketing, which is more commonly referred to as Google Ads.

A combination of both SEO and Google Ads is highly recommended for all businesses, but there are situations in which you may prefer one over the other. The experienced pros from Saba SEO, a premier digital marketing and SEO company in San Diego, offer some advice on using each of these strategies.

Take Your Time with Organic SEO

SEO is geared toward optimizing your website and its content so it appears higher on SERPs. A well-optimized page will create traffic for your site, which will in turn increase your conversions and revenue. If you can afford to wait a few months or even longer than a year to rank toward the top of SERPs, your best bet is to formulate a long-term organic SEO strategy that includes keyword research, content creation, social media referrals, and inbound linking. You’ll want to stick to an editorial calendar and plan your next moves according to traffic patterns and website analytics. Important factors to consider when you want your site to rank higher include selecting relevant keywords, creating high-quality, informative content, encrypting your site with an SSL certificate, enhancing your site’s user experience, using responsive design, and boosting your site speed.

Get Immediate Visibility with Google Ads

Advertising campaigns that appear at the top of Google’s SERPs are ideal for situations such as when you’re launching a new product, service, website, or landing page. The success of these campaigns is contingent upon your advertising budget. In general, you can expect to pay more than what you would usually spend with organic SEO, but you won’t get the long-term benefits of a methodical strategy, particularly with regard to the SERP boost you can get from inbound links that originate from high-authority domains.

If you need help optimizing the way you use SEO and Google Ads, reach out to Saba SEO. From identifying the right keywords to designing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, we offer a variety of services to help businesses boost their online visibility. For more than fifteen years, our experts have helped organizations all over the world expand their outreach and acquire more leads by utilizing a variety of effective and targeted digital marketing tactics. To talk to one of our experts on Internet marketing and SEO, San Diego business owners should give us a call today.