Why Should You Focus on Text-Based Marketing?

Reasons to Focus on Text-Based Marketing in San Diego, CA

Cellphones have become the most valuable communication and entertainment tool. We check for messages, watch videos, and communicate effortlessly. It should be of no surprise that text-based marketing is now one of the top ways to contact your customers and present them an offer. Here are a few reasons to focus on text-based marketing, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading marketing companies in San Diego.

Immediate Delivery

Once you’ve sent your message or offer, the recipient receives the message. You don’t have to worry if the text was delivered to the junk file.

Users Prefer Texts to Phone Calls

Customers prefer receiving a text to a phone call. By simply reading a text, they can avoid being interrupted at dinner or during a meeting. Instead, the text shares the offer and the receiver can act on it if interested.

Special Offers

You can customize special offers and coupons by sending your customer an SMS with an offer code and keyword. You can even customize offers for return customers and give them a better deal for being an existing customer.

Easier to Act on Offers

A text offer with a link is a faster way for a customer to purchase your product than when calling on the telephone.

Customers Don’t Need the Latest Phone

To receive a text, customers don’t need to have the latest smartphone technology. Even an old flip phone can get a text. The customer doesn’t need to download an app or navigate unfamiliar sites. Texts are simple and to the point.

Interaction with Customers

Your customers can respond to a text to ask questions and keep the interaction going, which is an opportunity to offer more services.

Compliance Is Easy

Because of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, there are regulations on text messages. Users just need to opt in to receive a text. Asking customers if they want special coupons, information, or other services you offer is basically all you need. Giving them an opportunity to opt out of texts is always required.

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