Best LinkedIn Tools for Your Small Business

Top LinkedIn Tools in San Diego, CA

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is renowned for its ability to connect people with their colleagues and industry leaders. While many people use LinkedIn to further their individual careers, the platform is also an excellent resource for small businesses. There are many tools that small businesses and startup companies can use to advance their goals and connect with the right resources. Here are a few of the best LinkedIn Tools for small businesses.

Apply with LinkedIn Plugin

If your business is in need of some fresh talent, LinkedIn is a great place to find competent workers. The Apply with LinkedIn Plugin will allow people that visit your LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs. The plugin can be fully customized, and you can provide job descriptions, expectations, and requirements in a single place.

Recommend Button

The Recommend Button is an excellent tool for sharing your products and services with people on the Internet. If you install the Recommend Button on your business website, a new feature will appear next to your product and service descriptions. If your website’s visitors click on the feature, they will be prompted to recommend your product or service to their LinkedIn network. The Recommend Button can assist you with branding efforts and marketing.

LinkedIn’s WordPress

If your company has a blog that provides insightful information about your products, you may have considered sharing your posts on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn’s WordPress tool, your WordPress posts will be synced to your LinkedIn profile. This will save you valuable time that you can spend on other marketing efforts.

Company Insider Plugin

The Company Insider Plugin allows you to showcase the talents of your business’ employees. With this plugin, you will be able to personalize the profiles of the people who make your company great. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s credibility to potential customers and business partners.

With these tools, you will be able to use LinkedIn to aid the online and social media marketing efforts of your small business or startup company.

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