Why Ad Copy Is Important for PPC: Examples & Best Practices

If you want people to click on your ads and ultimately purchase the product or service you’re offering, knowing what makes for effective ad copy is important. Your ads must have the right balance of words and action. Making that decision, particularly in the digital world, is tricky. Below, the experts from Saba SEO, a premier PPC agency with more than two decades of experience providing high-quality digital marketing and San Diego SEO service, offer suggestions that can help you make the right choice with your ad copy so your efforts will be rewarded.

The Importance of Ad Copy in PPC

Great copywriters know what makes people tick, their hearts race, and their pulses quicken. They write copy that offers persuasive reasons for people to click on ads. If you use an ad that pleases the eye and inspires a certain emotion in a potential customer, you’re much more likely to gain that customer. You can’t just use an attractive or intriguing design to get people’s attention. You must reel them in with words.

What Makes Effective Ad Copy

Effective ad copy is anything a potential customer likes and wants to share with his or her friends so sales can be made through word of mouth. If you aren’t a great writer, hire one to write you some copy for your ads. Many people are good at writing and can help you craft the perfect ad copy for your product.

Use of Action Words in Ad Copy

You must use action words in your ad copy. People are naturally drawn to action. It makes them feel like they can be a part of something even when they’re sitting at home. Action words and phrases make people feel more alive when they read them, making them want to click on ads for the rush of adrenaline that reading about action gives them.

Knowing how to write effective ad copy is important if you want more people to buy your product or service. The right blend of words can attract potential customers and make all the difference to your bottom line. It’s an important aspect of your marketing plan, so you should carefully consider hiring a professional copywriter to craft the best ads for your product.

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