Effective Ways to Visually Improve Your Marketing Material

Digital Marketing Strategy in San Diego, CA

Ninety percent of the info transmitted to the brain is visual, so it’s easy to see why content peppered with appealing images, graphics, photos, or videos is more effective. If you’re not seeing much engagement with your existing content, digital marketing companies in San Diego suggest these often-overlooked ways to improve your marketing visuals.


Condense important facts and figures using corresponding visuals to present info in a way that’s easily digestible and shareable. Tools like those available from Easelly can be used to create customized infographics without too much effort.

Animated Videos

Go beyond still images and increase engagement with a few carefully placed animated videos and graphics. PowToon has free tools you can use to create animations for teaser trailers, product demos, and other marketing goodies.

Video Slideshows

Go beyond PowerPoint and create video slideshows to introduce new products or services or just to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your company. A tool like Slidely is especially handy. This is a great way to repurpose existing photos or videos, and you can add background music.

Customized Charts

Especially useful in social posts, customized charts allow you to present stats in a visual form with an assortment of colors and styles. With Datawrapper, you can export your preferred info and customize charts with a few clicks before sharing the results.

Graphic Designs

Personalized graphics on everything from your social profile pages to your pins can instantly attract the right kind of attention. DIY graphic design platform Canva gives you access to thousands of free images, or you can use your own.

Use image-creation and analysis tools like Bannersnack to see how browsers are interacting with your visuals to get a better idea of what needs tweaking and what’s already working. Just remember to keep any visuals you use relevant to the associated content.

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