Why the Best SEO Companies Don’t Offer Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed SEO Results

When comparing San Diego SEO companies, you’re sure to look for a few key offerings right away, including cost, services offered, current clients and testimonials. However, among these offerings, some SEO companies also promise page one rankings in search results. Going with a company offering this type of guarantee seems like a no-brainer, right? Wrong. The best SEO companies don’t offer guaranteed results, and here’s why.

Google is the preeminent market leader with respect to search engines. Their algorithm changes at least once daily, and even some high-level Google engineers aren’t entirely sure how well the ever-changing algorithm will perform. Guaranteeing results implies the SEO company you’re considering can predict and immediately respond to these frequent and complex algorithm changes.

Dishonest and unscrupulous SEO companies have claimed for years that they have the expertise to influence search results, with some companies going so far as to say they have a “partnership” with Google that will land your company on the first page. But let’s think about this realistically. Google’s main goal is to provide searchers with the best user experience and the most relevant data in organic search results. Why would it partner with specific SEO companies to give their clients a competitive advantage? There is no benefit for Google or the user.

Now, what if the SEO company in question can provide concrete results showing a number of their clients on page one? Getting to page one isn’t necessarily difficult. However, getting to page one using white hat tactics that will survive even the most drastic Google updates is. There are shortcuts and deceitful strategies for ranking websites quickly, such as securing unnatural links on websites and blogs, or keyword stuffing a website’s pages, but these can threaten the long-term success of a website. A website can even be removed from SERPs completely should Google find it guilty of gaming the system.

SEO is a long-term strategy that can take anywhere from six months to a year depending on your product or service and the competitiveness of your market. Companies that tell you something else are not trying to improve user experience–they’re attempting to boost their own bottom line.

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