What Are the Benefits of Using Pay-Per-Click?

Putting your ads in front of potential customers can provide many invaluable marketing rewards. Welcome to the world of pay-per-click, a form of advertising where you only pay for clicks or views. While there is some risk involved with PPC (like accidently blowing your entire monthly marketing budget in a day), it can also be […]

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Harmful PPC Mistakes in San Diego, CA

5 Illegal and Unethical SEO Practices to Avoid

Some SEO practices are outright illegal while others are, at the very least, considered unethical, which could also get you in trouble with search engines. By making a conscious effort to avoid such practices, you’ll increase the odds of getting your site where it can be seen and avoid costly penalties. 1. Trademarked Keywords According […]

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Googles Quality Update

How Home Care Agencies Can Increase Client Leads Using SEO and PPC

Instead of using traditional marketing strategies such as print and direct mail, many home care agencies are turning to PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as an effective marketing strategy to increase client leads. A well planned SEO and PPC marketing strategy will include careful selection of keywords, effective content marketing, geo-centric campaigns, and performance tracking. Careful Selection […]

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Is PPC Necessary if your Web Site is Ranking Organically?

Can A Bad Yelp Review Be Removed?

Yelp can be a great place to build a positive reputation of your company. Potential prospects often use yelp to gauge the quality of a product or service through public reviews. Building a positive reputation through Yelp can help increase confidence in your company and the services you offer – ultimately leading to more sales […]

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Negative Yelp Reviews Guidalines in San Diego, CA

How Google Sees Your Blog

Bloggers put time and energy into making posts informative and entertaining. But from the SEO side, it’s important to ask: how will Google see my blog? Search algorithms change, but Google always looks at certain things in ranking sites. Here’s a birds-eye view of how Google sees your site, presented by a trusted local San […]

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Blog for Google in San Diego, CA

5 Common Misconceptions About SEO

Having your website included in a search engine’s top results greatly increases your site’s earning potential, and with such high stakes, people are willing to try anything to get there. Unfortunately, these common search engine optimization myths still exist, causing people to waste time on outdated techniques. 1. Keywords Are More Important Than Content Keywords, […]

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SEO Myths in San Diego, CA

Mobile Apps That Will Help You Manage Your SEO Efforts

SEO is easily one of the most fluid aspects of digital marketing. Success in maintaining your website’s presence in the search results calls for constant vigilance of your San Diego search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns as conditions and opportunities change. Whatever your choice of mobile device, there are a number of highly useful apps available […]

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SEO Marketing Apps for Business in San Diego, CA

7 Things You Don’t Want On Your Website

It’s no secret that an attractive, easy-to-navigate website can make the difference between getting listed on the first few pages of search engines or getting buried 100 pages in. To help boost your chances, leading San Diego SEO agency Saba Inc. highlights some features you shouldn’t include on your website. 1. Stock Images Savvy internet […]

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What Not To Have in Your Website in San Diego, CA

5 Ways to Turn Marketing Fails into Marketing Success

Every company has its fair share of marketing horror stories. From low-budget start-ups to major, well-known corporations, all businesses will fail in their marketing efforts at some point in time. Fortunately, it’s possible to turn these costly disappointments into unprecedented success. Following are five tips from trusted San Diego SEO company Saba, Inc. that will […]

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Turning Bad Marketing to Good in San Diego, CA

Making Your Landing Pages Work for You

Business owners, SEOs, and AdWords managers in San Diego all know the majority of sales and marketing efforts share one goal: conversion. This means getting potential customers to take that next step, and it all starts with your landing page. What problem does it solve? Instead of prattling off the features of your product, you […]

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Increase Click Through Rates with Landing Pages